so, unlike all you northern hemisphere people, I’m about to go into winter and instead of a pretty summer follow forever, I thought a cute little winter warmers was in order.

these blogs are probably the prettiest blogs I’ve ever come across and I love them all and they’re all so kind and caring and perfect.

a - c: acksgap, adorauhl, alloveragains, amorperrie, amuricas, asktaylors, azarry, beliebers, bieberfondues, bodyglitters, bradfod, bradfxrd, bradick, burningitdowns, cannonwall, cheshirelou, codysmipson, creepingjustin, cupofnelson

d - h: damnaliks, delusionalslove, dudestyles, everystime, fetcharry, freshprincessed, fromcheshire, ftharry, fullscircle, funkybuddhas, gladsyoucame, goldmurs, grimshawh, haryum, hellobrits, hoaran

j - o: jesynelsons, jonnydepp, joshdehvin, lightthefuze, lostsinconfusions, loudons, loveactuallys, lrelands, lttlebirds, marajesty, mcguinesses, mialiks, miixers, mixstars, moretimetoheals, niamcake, niamy, nightofamelody, ninasnesbit, nnarry, nothingllkeus, ollymurs, outtatheskies, owhaz, ownmynight

p - t: perriesbarbie, perriespalace, perrle, pinnockes, pleaseharrry, pperries, queenmix, recklesstarlight, rockmafias, rorypons, selmgomz, sheeshire, s-mg, somaliks, southsheild, springsbreaks, stoptheworld, stuyels, styleford, surgon, tenfeetaway, thirlwall, thirlwalz, thirlwooll, timberrlake, tinkerbell, tomlinfeels, tomlinstyls,tomsfeltons

u - z: unionjcak, validatemypride, voldemarts, wantharry, whiteskmo, wolvermurs, woundstobind, yaycara, yesniall, zacfron, zaynsh, zayynmalk, zeary, zerrie, zmaliks, zoele, zoeysugg

thank you all so much for your perfection and stay classy san diego.

when you want it
You know that I’m on it
You know that I love lovin’ up on you
Let’s hit the switch and let our shadows dance And light it up like it’s our last chance #BurningItDown

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Burning it down- Linkin Park

Concert hangover? Maybe.