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Fun Fact #72

When Nixon took office, it was him and McCarthy who brought forward one of the newest systems of home defense. Based on anti-Spy techniques used in Europe, Cities were brought in.

Given a map.

Given a list of American citizens.

And told to name the communists.

(and the Jews and the Homosexuals and the Trade Unionists and the-)

At the time it was considered one of the most revolutionary acts of defense of the modern era. It changed the way Intelligence Organisations functioned. After all, who could know more about its own people than the Cities? Who else would be happier to serve their country and defend its’ freedoms than the Cities who were born to play that role?

Of course there was some controversy. Rumours. Of courts being called without evidence. Of the strangest of people, (well, liberals, feminists, blacks, not exactly the same thing), being put behind bars. Even though they were so nice! Came round every Thanksgiving! Really does show what we know. Rumours of Cities fighting. Being dragged into police vans. Being disloyal. Being…being accused of communism. (no, not here, must be- out east? Somewhere. I heard).

But nothing you should worry about. Not if your loyal to your government, which is the same thing as your country really. Not if you’re an honest, god-fearing American, no.

Nothing to worry about.

Just write down the names. Point the finger.

And close your eyes when the black bags come out.


Charlie & Miles | 1.05 | I remember you.

Happy Birthday, street-of-mercy!

This scene makes me think of you :D

(this is the weirdest and most self-indulgent idea for an au i have ever had. i’m almost ashamed of myself. almost.)

after they beat the titans, erwin&co. set out to explore the world. (as an aside, everyone is alive in this au.) they travel up north where they find an old abandoned city from before the walls. it’s a ruin, but it is immense. almost as big as sina. a city the size of a small country. 

the buildings too are like nothing they’ve ever seen. tall, taller even than the walls. hundreds of years of neglect have ground the concrete to dust and left nothing but the steel skeletons underneath, but even so they are impressive. 

the underground is even more so. if the city above is a graveyard, the one underneath is a museum. hange nearly loses their mind when they see all the stuff left behind by the people who used to live there. the technology is almost alien to them — decades, if not centuries, more advanced than the most advanced piece of technology inside the walls — but hange manages to figure out how some of the machinery works and after a thorough exploration of the underground city, erwin decides that they all set up camp there. winter is coming fast and they’re not going to find a better shelter than a highly-technologized underground city.

(they even have running water. hot water. levi is ecstatic.)

their shelter for the winter becomes their permanent home when one day in the dead of winter, one of their patrols outside (or rather topside) is attacked by frost giants.

yes. actual frost giants.

and then it’s full-on ragnarok. humans made gods via technology versus actual mythical monsters.

so basically this entire setup exists because i had a sudden and extremely violent thirst for erwin with long hair, plaits, a majestic beard and a metal arm, wielding a motherfucking broadsword and fighting frost giants against the backdrop of a ruined futuristic city.

i never said any of this was supposed to make sense.

weirdest and most self-indulgent idea ever, remember? 

I expect to get hate on some of my videos, whether it be on this account or my other one. Usually I just ignore them, but today I decided to answer, though I did it in a tone different from the one I originally planned.

Don’t fight fire with fire or you might get burned. Fight fire with water and you have a better chance of putting it out.

One of the great gifts that the universe can give somebody in a tumultuous state of mind is for them to hit rock bottom and be free. Now, Will has nothing to lose, and he will be a very dangerous dance partner for Hannibal Lecter.
—  Bryan Fuller (x)