So, last year with John Barrowman (the bottom pic), we got an amazing photo op, that was all Barrowman’s idea.  When we met Burn this year, we were talking about Barrowman and we showed Burn this photo op.  he thought it was the best thing he’d ever seen, and laughed like crazy (it was effing adorable).

Well, when we went and got our photo op with him, he grabbed us and squeezed us tight and asked what we wanted to do. We couldn’t really think of anything so we just took a normal pic (the top one), which was still amazing and he was holding us so close and it was so amazing.

When the pic was taken, we assumed he’d pull away but he hesitated, so I looked at him questioningly, and he looked like he was thinking for a second, then he double checked that we were the ones with the funny Barrowman photo op.  When we confirmed that he was right, he suddenly decided that he wanted to do it too.

He was like “Okay, let’s do this!” and we were a tiny bit slow catching on, as he told the photographer he wanted to take another one, on 3.  He started counting and we realized he was about to jump as he tightened his grip on our shoulders, so as he said “THREE!” we were like !!!!!!!!!! and were trying to catch him and trying not to burst out laughing. 

He was so much lighter than Barrowman (we could have just walked off with him xD) and it was so effing hilarious, he was laughing and giggling his ass off and asked us if it was okay and just generally being the biggest goof ever and it was the THE best send off I could have ever asked for (it was the last time we saw him for the weekend).   I don’t even have words for how much I adore this man.  <3333333333

Post note, I tweeted him this pic so he could see how it turned out (not really expecting an answer at all) and he favourited it!! :D  He has made my life <3   MY GF and I could not have been more in love with him… he is so much more awesome in person than we could ever have guessed.