One day, whether you
are 14,
or 65

you will stumble upon
someone who will start
a fire in you that cannot die.

However, the saddest,
most awful truth
you will ever come to find––

is they are not always
with whom we spend our lives.

—  Beau Taplin, The Awful Truth
Who Should You Fight: Romantic Poets Edition

William Blake
Who Wins: Blake
Blake has hidden danger. Like undertow or those steel razor scooters capable of ruining a summer, he will not hesitate to wreck your shit. If you think he’s actually a sweet guy with that whole songs of innocence thing, think again! He has a special song of experience just for you and it’s coming for your ass. Also this old fucker outlived the entire younger half of the Big Six??? AVOID

Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Who Wins: Uncertain
I can kinda see the appeal in fighting Coleridge but the dude is high like literally all the time. This makes his movesets and strength of will unpredictable on any given day. Go ahead and fight him but it’ll take some planning beforehand. Be prepared to face his full force if you interrupt his writing OR be prepared for him to make up some bullshit about you interrupting him afterwards if he loses.

Robert Southey
Who Wins: You
I mean sure, it’s a pretty guaranteed win and it’d be cool to say you beat the guy who wrote the three bears but. He’s a pretty nice guy?? And you want to fight him?? Does he deserve that? Your call man.

William Wordsworth
Who Wins: You (with proper precautions)
Yes for the love of god fight this man oh my god. Fight him. Please. If he cries about your hatred and lack of appreciation for poetry fight him more I will paY YOU. You will win! Easily!! (IMPORTANT NOTE: This outcome is only guaranteed if he is alone. If he is with Dorothy do not approach repeat DO NOT APPROACH)

Dorothy Wordsworth
Who Wifuck this I’m not finishing this you shouldn’t even be reading this the thought should not even be crossing your mind to fight Dorothy DO NOT APPROACH DOROTHY

Robert Burns
Who Wins: Me
I don’t care what anyone says the man is fragile and I will not stand for this. He wrote his most famous poem for a little field mouse and you may not touch him. Fight me.

George Gordon (Lord Byron)
Who Wins: Byron
Byron is 100% the equivalent of that kid in your class who took dodgeball way too seriously. AND he works out. This is a no-brainer–give him any reason to fight and he will fight you, defeat you, loudly tell his friends about your levels of hotness afterward, and then even later might ask you out for a drink. Byron will win. You’re probably going to fight him anyway. I don’t blame you.

Percy Shelley
Who Wins: You
Really though?? You wanna fight little mild-mannered Shelley? I bet the guy never raised his voice in his life. What is this. He’d much prefer you fight Byron and so would Byron. This man did not deserve many things and frankly you’d just be adding to the list. 

John Keats
Who Wins: You (but ultimately Keats)
What the fuck. Wjha t e the f ukc this is too much for me. What are you gonna do, sneeze and knock him over?? Honestly fuck this, if you fight Keats anyone with even the slightest grasp of the cruel ironies of life will turn on you and then congrats on being hated by everyone forever. Bad idea. Goddamn. (ALSO HE’S BARELY FIVE FEET TALL LIKE I’M YELLING!! WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS)

santrevl said: I’m a straight tomboy who pretty much “looks” and “acts” like a stereotypical lesbian. Guess what, not everyone fits into every single cookie cutter, sure people ask me if I’m gay a lot though…. probably because of shit like this.

Pretty much my favorite response to this sort of thing is Lizner and Miles Jai’s Gender Box. The fear of being mistaken for having the wrong sexual orientation or gender identity is wrapped up in shitty social standards for how to box people into categories whether they fit or not. Being afraid of it or trying to emphasize ‘but they’re not really gay’ does a disservice to both your character (or you!) being true to themselves as well as making being gay an insult. 

lmao so like construction worker/interior designer au

where thranduil basically ogles and objectifies bard to the max in his own mind bc he’s all muscles and tanned skin and sweat and pure sex but then one day his children come to visit him at work and he goes from being this sassy hardass (literally dat ass is all muscle) sex beast to this overgrown muffin made of sunshine and thranduil is like waht the fuck it appears i have stumbled upon a god

I never planned to write this for you,
but here I am with ink spilling from my veins,
trying to trace my way back to the place
where the thought of your laughter
didn’t send shivers down my spine.
Here I am, fighting not to drown
in this ocean of a poem, barely keeping
my head above water, struggling to breathe,
trying to figure out what led me here,
so raw and wild and desperately
in love with you.
—  Unplanned by Auriel Haack

anonymous asked:

ziamists, someone explain to me how sophiam broke up / got back together and how she's still a beard ?? it's holding me back from shipping z iam

Sophiam never truly “broke up” because Sophiam is and always has been fake.

TL;DR: Sophia and several other women were seen and associated with Liam through fall 2012–spring 2013, in the middle of Payzer 2.0 and well before Sophiam 1.0 was officially confirmed in August 2013, indicating that Sophiam has never been organic and is thus fake.  Sophia is Liam’s beard.  Sophiam 1.0 ended in May 2014 under suspicious circumstances, but she returned in the same month, marking the beginning of Sophiam 2.0.  M!M rehired Sophia because of Weedgate 1.0, when they deployed Liam as the band spokesman for damage control, which required he have a “clean” (read: straight) persona.

On the backstory of Sophiam 1.0 and Sophiam 2.0, more after the jump.

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Oh, at it again, it seems ^_- Just can’t put the angst down, now that it’s in my system! ahah. Can’t wait to get to this part in the In Your Heart Shall Burn comic, but I had so fun with the other sketch I did that I really wanted to do another pic like that, focusing on hands, because they really can carry such emotion, and it’s a fun challenge. (I’m a lot better at faces, so putting the emotion elsewhere is great practice)

She’s going to give them all the chance to survive, to distract the dragon, an encounter she’s unlikely to survive. And as much as she wants to stay, and as much as he wants to stop her, it has to be this way.

You are not weak. You are full of spines and wars, scars and fire. You are fighting to carry a heart so heavy even Atlas cannot hold it up. There is all of this quiet, drowning kind of falling apart inside you and yet you are still breathing. You are still here. You are still here.
—  astagesetforcatastrophe, you are not weak