1. Just because he calls you beautiful doesn’t mean he thinks you are.
He keeps his heart under lock deep in his ribcage, and when he tells you that your fingertips are the key, he is plotting out your tombstone.
Run when you can.

2. He gives you a shoulder to lean on when the world is crumbling beneath your feet, but he is all earthquake.
He pulls you to the edge every time he says you are the only one, and he is getting ready to push you off in three, two–
Open your eyes before it’s too late.

3. He tells you what you need to hear when no one else will, since he is the sun, and you cannot live without him.
Darling, you do not have to be another tragedy waiting to happen, another story to be written, another name to be forgotten.
Find your own light and leave him behind.

—  On Your So-Called Soulmate
After knowing all of each other’s secrets we have become strangers again. I wish you could take the memories with you like you took your love.
—  Text from a Break Up | Nikita Gill
Burnbook app is disgusting.

There is this app going around my school called burnbook. It’s an app where people post horrible and mean things about people anonymously. My brother was one of the ones targeted and it really hurt. I would love it if the Tumblr community could help spread the word that this app is horrible and shouldn’t be downloaded. Please spread the word everyone. It’s a disgusting app and people shouldn’t have to be targeted just because others want to be hateful.


Piper trusts the oven about  as far as she can throw it, cause for some reason all it knows how to do is burn her vegetables. But she still tries, cause when she manages to save it her veggie lasagna is to die for.

Nevertheless the day that Jason came home to find her sitting on the floor in front of the oven and trying to charmspeak it was the day he decided to take over cooking for good.


no other version of me I would rather be tonight

Lord, she found me just in time