This is going to sound completely insane, but I want every single person around me to be so perfectly, ridiculously happy. Even the people who hurt me, or make me sad. I believe that we all deserve a chance at a real, fair chance at true happiness and true bliss. So I try to be the kind of person who will give everyone a second chance. Because honestly, every person deserves some kind of happiness. But everyone I say this to just smiles sadly. And I realised, that people weren’t born sad. They were born to be happy until someone or something took it all away.

People Weren’t Born Sad  ||| Nikita Gill 

(Excerpts from ‘Your Soul is a River’.)


This is exactly how I feel, I wasn’t paying them back for anything, I was supporting someone I consider to be a part of my community, and a part of my family. As much shit that is thrown around in this community, we come together in times of trouble and support one another. It’s nearly 2 a.m. on the east coast, and I’m going to bed now. I just hope that when I wake up tomorrow, we are all going to have even a sliver of good news. Keep Monty, his family, and RT in your hearts tonight. 


We Are Family, Families Love Each Other

Why I don’t play contact sports

2010 - Anti-zionist Orthodox Jews burn the Israeli flag during a protest in the US. Check out the end of the [video] for an interesting explanation of the views of this group on nationalism and the state of Israel.

edit: I know this group rejects Zionism out of religious reasons, and probably holds views I disagree with strongly on other issues, but I feel it’s good as an example to show that Judaism and Zionism, or Judaism and support for the state of Israel are not necessarily linked.

On another summer night, her feet are tangled with yours.
Somewhere above you, the moon is smiling.
You look into her eyes and brush the hair out of her eyes, and you smile too.
She lets you drown for a few moments before she asks, How does this end?

You kiss her forehead and say, Like this night, without a whisper, without a leaf stirring, without a star losing its light.
Your fingers dance around hers, and you say, Like the beginning, with a bang, with an explosion that started from nothing, with the whole world watching on.
Your lips are on her neck, and you say, Like a hurricane, without any notice, with the earth begging us to stop, without a single care.

She stares at the sky for eons before answering, Really?
You laugh, and you say, This is what loving you means.