Remembering Dorsey Burnette
Music artist
Dorsey Burnette was an early rockabilly singer. With his younger brother, Johnny Burnette, and a friend named Paul Burlison, he was a founder member of The Rock and Roll Trio.
Born: December 28, 1932, Memphis, Tennessee, U.S.
Died: August 19, 1979, Canoga Park, California, U.S.
Nationality: United States of AmericaTennessee, U.S

Season 1, Episode 5
  • Season 1, Episode 5
  • Less Rock, More Talk
  • KWTF

No photos, please. While The Lila Cugini is out shopping for furniture, Your Old Pal Will is joined by the women of Petals and Bones: Dani Burlison and Leilani Clark. In this episode they discuss experiencing the feels of now, the usefulness of peppy music, the excitement of couch shopping, living room saunas, a dearth of topics, are monologues necessary? already with the James Franco, weather patterns and diseases, travel writing and travel warnings, escarg-oh-no, already with the Mark Wahlberg, is The Happening a remake of Day of the Triffids, dendromovie night, Sarah Sanger’s pet peeves, M. Knight Shamalamadingdong, garlic butter transfusions, what diseases don’t mosquitos carry, fearing the fear of ebola, lack of faith, travel in the time of cholera, who doesn’t love intoxicated animals? Will is reminded of Uzumaki, substance dependency issues of snails, Widespread Flu Panic, are bed bugs real, no one wants a bed sty, Dendrophilia and how to get it, lack of understanding regarding depression, the impact of Robin Williams on us all, people watch Ferngully? J Mascis likes to get hugged, Dani likes hugs, John Cusack likes hugs, Democrats like hugs, Republicans don’t like hugs, Will may be a Republican? Dani is accidentally married (spiritually at least), be gazed upon for reasonable price (it’s totally not creepy), no one likes “soul gazing”, Dani describes Will’s worst nightmare, blech… rosewater, post-spiritual ecstasy trip to In-N-Out, Leilani will not stand in line (or on line if she’s in New York), fame does not bring solace, built up to be torn down, Will saves a little monkey for you, Will is ready for a new topic, dude you should totally watch the original Norwegian version of Insomnia, also Moscow on the Hudson, but not Club Med, also you should totally watch The Fisher King, and maybe that movie that Will thinks is a Kurosawa film, book reports on books you haven’t read, Dani is the original Bad Feminist, Dani cheers herself up by reading post-Apocalyptic novels during the summer, don’t judge, people are jerks, perhaps you should compare and contrast Bad Feminists, Dani is the Perfect Feminist, read and absorb, Leilani has awesome friends, Sebastopol bindi goddess skanks, everything Will knows about Kali he learned from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, The Sebastopol Handbook which includes such useful information as Identifying a Yoni at 30 Paces, oddly enough most female comics are funny and most male comics are not funny, FYI Lila and her new couch will be Womyn-ing the program next week, how do you say Lime Disease House in Japanese (Train?), Friends or Astronauts, which is funnier: fasting or The Vodka Diet? Station Manager Ben would like for Dani to not use the F-bomb, The Ghost of Lila’s Host moves the mic away from Leilani, props to stand-up comics, turns out joking about older women’s eyes isn’t funny, pre-mature balding is always funny, Waldorf teachers are really really funny, young women should do stand-up comedy, exposure therapy is good for you, overcoming your fears of flying by joining Petals and Bones for their Pens and Pints excursion to the Charles M Schultz Airport, how to get free booze when you fly, Will can only imagine what it must be like to fly with two people who have panic attacks about flying, how much Ambien is too much Ambien, what to watch on an airplane, what not to watch an airplane, dude you should totally watch Ghost Dog, Dani claims she is better, Dani finds her happy place, more James Franco talk, Dani is a professional Location Scout, Reply to to lessrockmoretalk.kwtf@gmail.com Yes or No: Do You Like James Franco? turns out one monkey does not stop a show.

ST. LOUIS (AP) - A legal challenge to Missouri’s gay marriage ban returned to court in St. Louis Monday and appears to be headed to trial next month.

The city issued marriage licenses to four same-sex couples in June, setting up a court fight in a state where gay marriage is banned under a 2004 amendment to the Missouri Constitution.

St. Louis officials have agreed to stop issuing marriage licenses to gay couples pending resolution of the legal case and others in state and federal courts.

A spokeswoman for Mayor Francis Slay says lawyers for the city and state appeared briefly before Circuit Judge Rex Burlison at a Monday status hearing. The judge set a trial date for late September.

H/T: StLouis.cbslocal.com