An afternoon chat with Caroline Burke; fashion and nail art blogger, charity shop lover and queen of adorable DIY!


Whilst I may be young (and to some extent, perhaps even inexperienced), I like to think of myself as a determined, flourishing writer. My resolve is driven entirely by a furious passion for creating captivating features, alongside my time dedicated to writing relatable blogs with which I hope that other young females can associate, feeling that their misadventures are somewhat more ordinary. I often find myself surrendering to the temptation of an internet browsing adventure, searching for like minded bloggers with whom to share my mishaps, fashion and beauty tips and of course, hopelessly attempt those impossibly intricate nail art projects that my (obviously more sophisticated) fellow bloggers seem to fashion effortlessly. Above all, I love trawling the internet for the greatest sources of inspiration, to create the most enchanting features for my lovely readers to indulge in whilst drinking a cup of tea.

Caroline Burke – also known as Burkatron, much to her self-confessed dismay – is a quirky artist, super-chic fashion and nail art blogger, charity shop lover and queen of adorable DIY tutorials..and is, quite possibly, the most fabulous discovery my internet searches have led to.

Although I turn to when i’m feeling particularly creative, or hoping to brighten up my wardrobe (which, despite being ready to burst under the weight of clothes, seems to be lacking in anything that is actually fashionably acceptable), Caroline has fast become one of my go-to girls for a good old, much needed girly chat. So, I decided to interrogate her on all things fashion and art, combating negativity on your blog, and tips for aspiring bloggers looking for the perfect way to get started..


So, Caroline, you’re a super-successful (and now professional!) fashion and nail art blogger! You’ve managed to appear in a whole heck of a lot of magazines..but was there ever a time in your life when you thought your blog would simply exist for your own enjoyment..and unacknowledged by world-famous brands?

Oh yes, definitely! At first blogging was just something that I did for fun..and still is really! I think it’s important to always keep that frame of mind, as blogging is a great way to channel your creativity and express your own personal style (and personality!) I never thought it would take over my life in the way it’s addictive, but mostly, it’s very rewarding!


Although there are approzimately a gazlillion variations of nail art designs to experiment with, has to be home to the most girly, most quirky, most original and most beautiful designs..and she creates her looks perfectly! Appearing in Grazia with her ‘Manicure Monday’ column, sampling the latest colours and styles for Superdrug and with a regular spot in Company Magazine’s ‘Beauty School’, what started out as a hobby has fast become a career-changing project for Caroline..and I absolutely love it!

Caroline’s nail art is simply adorable..

Tiger themed nails..

Caroline has a slight obsession with fruit themed nails!

How cute are these roses?

One of my favourite designs!

I just love these brogue-inspired nails!

Sweet treat nails using Models Own..

Pop art nails!

Adorable watermelon nails!


We all have those things in our lives from which we take our greatest i’m curious to find out what has been your greatest inspiration with relation to your fashion blogging?

“Oooooooh that’s tough!” laughed Caroline.

I think I take inspiration from so many different sources! Like most girls, I have my fashion heroes like Isabel Lucas and Alexa Chung, who always inspire me with their laid back boho style. I also love browsing street style blogs for casual, daytime looks too, and I enjoy the editorial shoots in magazines to keep me inspired. Overall, I think it’s important to maintain my own style and not being too influenced by one particular thing!


From her laid back, cutesy-vintage inspired outfits to her chic, classic all-white numbers, Caroline’s wardrobe is without a doubt the holy grail of fashion. From one day to the next, her style can change so drastically, from the ‘I stole my boyfriend’s clothes’ look, to the ‘I am totally catwalk ready’ enviable style, she maintains an effortlessly-cool ambience which is sure to be the envy of all fashion-loving girls out there.


What originally sparked your passion for blogging..when did it all begin for you?

It was actually my boyfriend! He told me I should start one up for fun a few years ago – I’d never even heard of blogging!! I used to spend a lot of time doing DIY/craft projects, and he thought I should share all evolved from there, really! Once I started to find my feet, it quickly became a big passion of mine!

{I definitely owe Caroline’s boyfriend a huge thank you, as her DIY projects have kept me busy on many a rainy day!}

DIY | fabric covered plant pot..

DIY | rope bowl..

DIY | scarf bag..

DIY | homemade vintage tea cup candles..adorable!

DIY | Shabby-chic upcycle!

DIY | handmade soaps!

DIY | create your own business cards!

DIY | create your own nail polish..

DIY | tassel bracelet..


Despite being a hugely successful fashion blogger, is there still a particular blogger that you’d say you look to for your inspiration? Is there somebody that you aspire to be like, perhaps? Or are you more of an individual?

I do have lots of influences, but my all time favourite fashion blogger is Betty Autier ( I love her quirky styling; when I first discovered her blog i spent the whole afternoon going back through her earlier posts {that’s a sign that I reaaaaaaallllllllly love a blogger!} I like to read a broad spectrum of blogs, but bizarrely, most actually aren’t fashion..I mostly read lifestyle, DIY and interior blogs. I find instagram is a great way of staying up to date with fashion blogs and trends though!


As a blogger, what has been your proudest career moment? Though i’m guessing there have been a fair few!

Creating a line of nail wraps for an LA based company was a really exciting moment! They were featured on Zooey Deschanel’s website and I found out one of the Victoria Secrets models featured them too..fangirling! I’m always excited about features, it’s amazing to work with some of the magazines that I grew up reading, so it’s hard to pick one thing, as I tend to get excited about everything!!


The blogging industry – as I am quickly learning – can be a toughie to break into! It can be a daunting place when you’re trying to find your own audience, although it is great to unleash your creativity and personality! What advice would you offer to aspiring bloggers? What do you believe to be the key to blogging success?

Hard work..boring but true! Lots of people start up blogs and give up when they don’t get any feedback straight away. Blogging is a strange thing, and sometimes it takes a long time to catch a break and find an audience. It’s really so important to stay true to yourself, don’t make your blog a replica of the more successful ones, be original, creative and try to stay inspired by other sources outside of what you’re writing about. Some of the best blogs I have read have smaller numbers, but a much more dedicated readership..which i find pretty inspiring!


You are always posting the most fabulous #ootd posts! How can students struggling for cash maintain a totally-chic wardrobe?

I actually think I am the laziest dresser! I just like to feel comfortable, so I am usually super casual! The high street has some great bargains, and I love to hunt down one-off pieces in charity shops. I think if you invest in a few wardrobe staples, they’ll take you far..edit your wardrobe and buy pieces that work together and can be worn in different ways. For example, I love taking summer dresses and layering them up in the colder months to create totally different looks. Also, go through your entire wardrobe each month..I guarantee you’ll find clothes you’ve forgotten about and think up new and exciting ways to wear them!

I will definitely be sorting my wardrobe this evening…


Do you have a favourite high street store? If so, why has it established itself as your favourite?

ARGH SO HARD! I couldn’t pick just one! Urban Outfitters, Topshop, Zara and Asos. I love how they take catwalk trends and make them more accessible, wearable and affordable.

How could we not love affordable catwalk style?!


Some of your outfits are totally hip and modern, yet some spell cute vintage! What is your absolute favourite era in terms of fashion?

Oooooh I think the 50’s/60’s. I love how feminine their styling was!


You always come across as really in-the-know about all things fashion and beauty. So many girls out there are always on the lookout for beauty tips to keep their skin clear and their hair perfectly maintained. Do you swear by any secret tips for clear skin and luscious locks?

H20! Honestly, I try and drink gallons of the really is the best way to flush out those toxins! Take your makeup off properly and get into a proper skin regime. Cleanse, tone and moisturise even if you don’t have a single wrinkle..that’s what i’d tell my younger self!


Have you ever experienced any negative feedback on your blog? How would you advise other bloggers to overcome negativity if they are ever unfortunate enough to experience it?

To date I have been incredibly lucky, but I know it will inevitably happen. I have to admit, i’m a very sensitive person, and I know i’d be upset, but it is important to remember all the positive feedback..that’s why I don’t take it for granted when people take the time out of their day to tell me that they enjoyed something I have written! 


When you started out as a fashion blogger, what was your dream? Where did you see your blog taking you? Do you always want to be Burkatron, with your own site, or would you prefer to work for a magazine specifically as a fashion columnist?

Nope I’m quite happy at’s my little baby! I really don’t have an end game! I just love writing my blog, and I’d like to watch it grow. It takes time, can be stressful and sometimes I feel like it will never get to where I want it to be..but I carry on because I love doing it! 


A week in the life of a very girly Instagram..

I caught up with the lovely Caroline..better known as Burkatron, for an all-things-girly chat..she was a delight!

Given that my summer holiday is imminent (and my beach-ready body is not) I decided to give the teatox a far, so good!

Could my little rascal of a Sister be any more beautiful?

Upon a very lovely visit to my Grandma’s house..I discovered these beautiful flowers flourishing in her garden..

I decided to share my love of vintage trousers with my followers..who were clearly as impressed as I was..Topshop you old rascal you’ve done it again!

I couldn’t resist sharing with my followers this beautiful white dress..I am in love.

Me and the boy were invited for a complimentary meal and drinks at the gorgeous Esteban, on Lark Lane..and what a heavenly taste of the Mediterranean it was!

I was a little too excited about this discovery not to share it..thank you ASOS, you never let me down.

Michael’s garden is abundant with the most beautiful flowers..and well, PINK!!

My everyday essentials..Lush lip scrub (check), Rose Apothecary Strawberry Cupcake hand cream (check) and of course, my flip-up, oh so fancy retro specs!

Michael’s gorgeous pup, Lily..I absolutely adore her, and was delighted to discover this little forgotten gem from last summer!

Okay..I REALLY love that dress!

And of course, his seven little guinea pigs..I feel like Cinderella surrounded by these adorable little rascals!

More flowers from Michael’s garden..his mum’s hanging baskets are thriving!

Everybody loves a shameless CSI selfie..I was so happy to discover this on Dad’s Twitter!

Lilac. That is all.

My gorgeous little Misti..those eyes! <3

You guessed it! More from Michael’s garden.. I turn into a bit of a photography enthusiast whilst watering the plants!

Just six days until i’m back in Corfu with this handsome devil..I cannot wait!!

Speaking of everybody loving a shameless selfie..i love my retro specs!!


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