burberry bag


knock-off nails 

Morning/Afternoon/Evening/Night! SO i present to you my Burberry Nails :D So what you need to get started is gold, black, white, red nail polish and a base & top coat. Use a toothpick / dried out ballpoint pen / old liquid eyeliner brush dipped in whichever polish color to make the lines 

1. Throw on your base coat and paint your nails gold. (make sure its opaque) 

2. Start with the white “cross” by painting a thick white vertical line towards the left side of your nail (but not all the way!) Finish the cross by painting a horizontal thick line going across the entire nail about ¾ of the way down

3. Now, with the black polish you want to outline the white lines and draw a very skinny black line in between the vertical and horizontal white lines

4. Moving on to the red, you want to paint a vertical skinny line on opposite side of the white cross. Next make a horizontal line about ¼ down your nail (very near to the top) Make sure is goes across the white “cross”

5. Slather on your clear top coat an your done!!!

…also now you won’t have to spend $315 on Burberry Scarf :D (what a plus!)

….who am I kidding :( is still want that scarf lol