second laser session

i had my second session today. apparently, the laser wasnt strong enough during my first session, which explained why it didnt hurt much at all the first time. so today, the doctor turned it up, and damn it stung… and this is how it looked like after i got home and showered:

sexy, isnt it? :3

first laser session!

ohmygod im exhausted! i had to go to central afterschool today, which was an hour from school, and then i had to wait for my mum to take me to the skin doctor’s for the laser tattoo removal. i had to say, all the exaggeration from people online saying how much it hurt really didnt help, but when i actually did it, it didnt really hurt that bad.

so basically, i got there at 4:30, waited until 4:45, and the nurse put a numbing cream on my tat, and i just sat there until fucking 6:00… yes, i waited more than an hour before i could go in and see the doctor. so basically, he’s guessing im going to need about 10 sessions to fully remove it, since it’s pretty dark, and one session per month.

so we went in, and i sat on this cushioned chair (i guess they tried to make it as comfortable as possible for you since they figured you’d be in pain half the time). then they wiped the cream off my tat, and rubbed it, and i felt every single thing. the numbing cream didnt numb shit. and they covered my eyes with these… things… and so i couldnt see, since looking at the laser will blind me or something. but anyway, i got pretty nervous, because when i cant see, i freak out. then the doctor said “okay, let’s go, onetwothree” and then he started zapping at my skin.

the first zap didnt hurt much, and it started hurting after a couple of zaps, and towards the end the pain just went away and all i heard was zapzapzapzap… afterwards, i saw it, and there were white dots all over it, apparently they were air bubbles under my skin from the laser. damn it looked like i had some weird disease or something, it was pretty gross. i should have taken a picture… but it’s all good. (:

i just showered, and it was such a pain in the ass, since i had to only use one hand and try keep the other one dry, but it got wet anyway. and my mum just gave me a talk about being clean and how to clean it, and seriously, mum, im not a fucking baby… but anyway, im exhausted… time for bed. (:

shanghai -->

i’ll be going to shanghai tomorrow morning, which means i wont be on tumblr for awhile (5 days to be exact). i was going to bring my laptop along, but my laptop is just too fucking huge… i guess i could try stuff it in between my clothes in my suitcase, but we’ll see. if not, then i wont be able to come online much at all /sobs. and i’m too tired right now to fill up my queue, hahah, so sorry guys. (^.^”)> anyway, have a great week and i’ll see you all when i get back. to those in hongkong/taiwan/china, happy chinese new year!

i was just told that my tumblr got hacked by that ipad 2 virus. i dont see it on my blog, probably because im signed in, and im not fucked to sign out and check. but i’ve changed my password, so hopefully that’ll do? S: if anyone notices these spam posts being posted repeatedly on my tumblr, please let me know! thanks! <3

i got a new phone, iphone 4! ugh i feel bad though, since i dont really deserve it… but meh, whatever, its really cheap now anyway since all the stores are trying to sell it out because the iphone 4S is coming out soon. and i signed up for the iphone plan, so the iphone was basically free. but anyway, loving the new phone, hopefully getting a cover and screen protector for it soon, because my dad wont let me take off the sticker thing until i get one, and the sticker thing is reaaaally annoying… ><


how do you get your puppy to stop taking pisses in your room? she likes sleeping in her crate, which is in my room. she pees in my room, but outside of her crate, but she takes dumps in her potty pan thing which is outside the door of my room. how do i get her to pee there as well?