“I am allowed to look sexy feel sexy, and be in love. I am worthy of all of those things, and so are you.”                
   —  Mary Lambert

Most of my life, I have always hid. I never once thought of myself as beautiful being a big girl. I was diagnosed with binge eating disorder 2 years ago. The end of last year I was making myself sick and not eating.
This year is the beginning of my journey of self love, and I’m loving every moment of it.
I never once have ever thought of myself beautiful in a Swim suit. In till now. 

Southwestern Print Caged Bikini- X

Misadventures of the Kazzies (Part One)

Title: The Misadventures of the Kazzies

Pairing: None

Words: 1,816

Warnings: Swearing, Suggestive themes?, Inside Jokes

A/N: So this is part one of a story I wrote for my good friends from the Kazzie kik chat.  One of us had the idea of all of us piling out of a van and really confusing the Winchesters. I’ll get there guys…soon. Oh yeah, and I promised I’d tag them in this, so im-wallpapering-my-locker all-i-do-is-fangirl mars-loves-misha lil-bunny-fufu ackles-butt-is-frisky lostxpacific dewgongmasterrace ericaaddington I love you guys!!

“Guys, you all know the rules, driver picks the music,"I said for the fifth time that day.

"Shotgun shuts his cakehole.” the other Kazzies said in unison. I handed my iPhone to Kate who was in the passenger seat next to me. She sighed as I turned the ignition and the sound of O Magnum Mysterium blared through the AUX cord. The engine rumbled in the tan 1967 Volkswagon Van and the nine girls made off down the highway. Meg and I sang the alto and soprano parts to the classical choir piece and I have to say, we sounded pretty great. But the other girls wanted something with more of a beat.

Katelyn leaned over to the leather front seat and said, “Where do you even get this music anyway?”

“I wanna listen to Queen,” said Kate.

I sighed. “Don’t hate, Kate. This song is a classic, literally.”

“Haha very funny,” she replied.

“Fine, we can listen to Queen next." 


Pretty soon the song was over and the girls all chattered about Fort City. Fufu brought up her horse racing and talked all about her FFA meetings and how she used to judge shows. After that we played a very interesting game of truth or dare as we drove down the Interstate. Mary pointed and said “dog” every time we saw a dog hanging its furry head out the window or whenever we a saw a four footed animal on the side of the road. She didn’t care if it was a deer or a cow, it was always dog. Everyone “aww'ed” when the saw them. Except for me. Of course I was obviously paying attention to the road, making sure we didn’t get hit and not looking at the adorable dogs as well. We listened to some pretty great tunes from Mama Kazzy and were having a fantastic time, even though the car still smelled like onions from Mary and Kate’s sandwich from lunch. That odor was not gonna come out easily. But what did we care, we were finally all together.

A few hours later everyone needed a bathroom break, so we stopped at a small grimy gas station on the side of the road. The rain was pouring outside, pounding on the windshield like little tiny bullets. Just as I crookedly parked the van on the unkept parking lot, the first few chords of Riptide permeated through the old speakers and overwhelmed us with feels. 

“Ahhh! NOOO! It’s Riptide! The feels are too much!” Katelyn cried out. 

“It is law, a Kazzie can not simply leave when Riptide starts playing.” Mara said. 

“But Dr Pepper!!” Interrupted Mary.

“No! No No No No No!!!” I said.

  “What’s wrong?” asked Madi.

“Our story is just like this, hunters having fun together on the highway listening to Riptide. What if one of us dies like the reader?”

“Natalie!!! Why would you say that?!?” Erica yelled.

All of us just sat there in the car sobbing about reader and Dean feels while we held each other and whines of pain and tears erupted from us. As the song ended our breath all grew less ragged and more steady. Meg grabbed the enormous box of tissues and passed them out to us to wipe our running noses.  The rain was still falling in torrents and the gas station was so small that we figured the bathroom would only be big enough for one stall. Katelyn was the first to get out and opened the double door of the tan van.

“Well shit,” she said, opening her purse. “I need a tampon, guess I ran out. My period started today.”

It was less than half a second later when Madi had tossed her one and Katelyn caught it in mid air. “I got you back, fran.”

“Thanks friend.”

“You’re welcome fran! I’m on mine too.”

“Omg so am I!"said Katie.

"Guess this period syncing really does work over the internet.” Erica mused. 

“Do we all really have it?” I asked. 

“I think so.” said Meg.

Savannah’s eyes lit up in realisation.“I guess that means… We are all one.”

Katelyn then got out as the oldest among us whispered to Fufu ,“We are SNONE. (Snail one.)”

As if on cue, both of them sat up perfectly straight, straighter than anyone on tumblr. Together they stared blankly out the front window chanting,“We are SNONE (snail one)” Over and over again.

We are SNONE (snail one) We are SNONE (snail one) We are SNONE (snail one) We are SNONE (snail one) We are SNONE (snail one) We are SNONE (snail one) We are SNONE (snail one) We are SNONE (snail one) We are SNONE (snail one) We are SNONE (snail one) We are SNONE (snail one) We are SNONE (snail one) We are SNONE (snail one) We are SNONE (snail one) We are SNONE (snail one) We are SNONE (snail one) We are SNONE (snail one) We are SNONE (snail one) We are SNONE (snail one) We are SNONE (snail one) We are SNONE (snail one) We are SNONE (snail one) We are SNONE (snail one) We are SNONE (snail one) We are SNONE (snail one) We are SNONE (snail one) We are SNONE (snail one) We are SNONE (snail one)

This didn’t stop until everyone had gone in except Mary and Meg. The older blonde girl tried waving a hand in front of Mara and Savannah’s faces, and then attempted to talk over them, but to no avail.

She shook her head and muttered to herself,  “I didn’t want to have to use this, but you leave me no choice.”

She then pulled up an adorable gif of Meg and Cas kissing. That seemed to break them from their trance. They stopped immediately and were brought back to reality.

 "Why doesn’t that work when I do it?“ I asked.

"No idea.” Meg then moved up and stood in front of the doors.“HEY. Does anyone want me to pick up anything while I’m inside? I was thinking everyone might be feeling extra sore with cramps and everything, so I was going to get some painkillers and snacks. Just tell me what to get.”

“DORITOS!” Erica yelled.

“You can’t forget chocolate, that time of the month staple.” I added.

“Yes, we need chocolate Meg. Lots of chocolate.” said Katelyn.

“STEP ASIDE BITCHES, I NEED MY GUMMI WORMS.” Mary dramatically stood up and catwalked up to Meg. 

“Okay, you can come in with me Mary. Let’s go.”

It took the girls about 15 minutes to get the snacks inside the gas station. In the meanwhile I decided to fill up the van, which took every ounce of my willpower because even though we were under a roof, it was still horribly windy and I had no desire to drive in soaking wet clothes for the next few hours. Even worse, I was missing what seemed to be a drawing contest between Mara and Erica. Needless to say I did return to the van with soaking wet hair and a moody disposition.

A few moments later Meg came running out with bags of snacks and Mary was right behind her with an armful of Dr. Peppers.

“Oh my gosh have we got a story for you guys!” Mary exclaimed as I drove off down the road. 

“What happened?” said Katelyn, shifting to get comfortable in the tight seating arrangement of four people in the last row.

“There was this COMPLETE fuckboy at the counter in there.” Started Mary. 

“Oh my gosh yes, he was horrible!”

“So we were just casually checking out our stuff at the counter and this teenage guy looked me up and down and then said, ‘so I know it’s already raining a lot outside, but I can give you ladies a few extra inches.’ He was such a fuckboy.”

“Yeah, I didn’t even try to stop Mary when she slapped him before we ran out.”

“Meg was like 'hoe don’t do it’ and then I did it and she was all,’ oh my god’. And then we ran for it.”

“I can’t believe he actually said that.That’s just insane.” said Erica, who was still shocked by what he had done.

“I gotta say though, you both are pretty hot.” Everyone agreed with Kate.

“Speaking of fuckboys,” I transitioned,“ where exactly are we going to find the S.O.B. who ran over those Chihuahua puppies with his car?”

“His name is Jeremy Ellis, and he lives outside of Oklahoma City.”

“And, what exactly are we going to do when we find him?” I asked.

“Well, since the police aren’t arresting him for this, we’ll be taking justice into our own hands…. by running him over with the van.” Said Kate.

“I’m totally cool with that.” Agreed Savannah.

“Technically, I can’t do that, I’ll get my licence revoked.” I responded.

“What are we going to do then?” asked Mara.

“But if someone else did it,” I started.

 "Say no more, I’ll do it!“ Interrupted Erica.

"If we’re already breaking the law, we might as well break one more.” Added Katelyn.

“Good, I’m glad we have all come to an agreement.” I said.

“Madi, how far until we get to our destination?” Katelyn asked the co-pilot.

“About 350 miles. We’ll be at a hotel around midnight.” She responded.

“Let’s crank up the tunes then!!” said Meg excitedly.

It was forty three minutes after midnight when our tan Volkswagon pulled into a dusty motel South of Oklahoma City. Despite our chants of 'SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK’, all of the Kazzies had gradually drifted off to the sounds of their own iPods and the lull of the rain until I was left listening to Mayday Parade up in the front all by myself. A few times I looked in the rear view mirror and them resting their heads on each other’s shoulders. How cute. With the lull of the music and the monotony of the empty roads, even I had to stifle some yawns and pinch myself a few times to stay awake.  When we finally arrived, I decided to check inside the hotel by myself and let the girls gently slumber in the back for a little while longer. Once I had returned to the van and had gracefully parked her in a particularly tight spot, I noticed it. Sparkling with rain under the yellowed light of a street lamp, I saw a black 1967 Chevy Impala. That definitely woke me up. I was still in such a state of disbelief that I had to shove my co-pilot awake. 

“Madi,” I whispered.


“Mmm….whatcha say….” She murmured.

“Madi, wake up. Look over there.”

“Nat, what is it?”

“It’s an Impala.”

The short haired brunette slowly opened her eyes and until they were wide with shock. “BRUH.”

“Shhh!” I chided.

“Bruh.” She then whispered.

“Bruh.” I responded.










Eccentric and uncompromising in her originality, Wanda Gág is known for illustrating the 1928 children’s book Millions of Cats, which earned her a Newbery Honor Award and (posthumously) the Lewis Carroll Shelf Award.

The eldest of seven children born in the rural town of New Ulm, Minnesota, Wanda Gág grew up in an environment of Old World Bohemian customs. Her father died of tuberculosis when she was just fifteen years old, and with her mother’s health failing as well, many suggested that Wanda should drop out of school and find a steady job.

Wanda, instead, opted to earn a small income by selling drawings to local residents and submitting stories to The Minneapolis Journal. She eventually graduated from high school and attended art school, where she often found herself disenchanted that her peers were content imitating the work of those before them.

Gág‘s career began to take off when, in 1917, she moved to New York City on a scholarship. She found steady work as a commercial illustrator, contributing her work to multiple publications and eventually landing her first solo art show at the New York Public Library.

Feeling a need to distance herself from commercial assignments, Gág rented a three-acre New Jersey farm in 1925. Though the country home had no heat or running water, it was there at “Tumble Timbers” that she felt the freedom to work on her fine art without any distractions. Shortly after, Gág came to be known as “one of America’s most promising young graphic artists”.

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