I found out “whiskey stones” are a thing (they’re selling them at the store I work at). For those of you, like me, who did not know; they’re rocks you put in the freezer like ice cubes that don’t melt and water down your drink.
When this was explained to me all I could think of was Rabbit saying “ONE WHISKEY ON THE ROCKS! AND I MEAN THAT LITERALLY - I WANT ACTUAL CHUNKS OF GRANITE FLOATING IN THERE!” and that made me giggle awkwardly in front of my boss.
This is my life, apparently.


Isabella Bennett - Transform


“Your eyes say everything in these pictures. Rabbit on the left is playing a part and hiding behind a mask. Rabbit on the right is comfortable in her own skin at last and the confidence shines through. I’m welling up with happiness for you Isabella! I saw your pain for so long and it’s wonderful to see you finally finding joy!” - Erin Burke (Upgrade from Steam Powered Giraffe)

Photo by ooklah

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Art Prints by Samuel Luke and Isabella Bennett!

Each member of the band has amazing talent beyond what they show you on stage! Samuel Luke (Hatchworth) and Isabella Bennett (Rabbit), for example, each create magnificent art pieces. Whether they reflect the robots that are such a big part of their lives or the separate worlds inside their own minds, they’re truly sights to behold!

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Dance of the Bun.