Steamposium Seattle Request

All right, let’s see if we can do this again!

We’ve been asked to help a special someone get a birthday wish from the folks of Steam Powered Giraffe.

Ally D., who will be one of our lovely sponsors later this year, is having a birthday on September 28th, and has requested our help in getting a video for that special day. So, if you or anyone you know will be attending the September 28th show, can you try to get a quick happy birthday message for Ally D.?

If you do, please tag it with “spg bring a friend” so that we can find it and share it appropriately. Thank you very very much!



Went to comic con and look who I ran into ^///v///^

I asked them for the video and they were very cool about it so here it is. All for you Joan ^w^


You just made this girl extremely happy.




I really appreciate the feedback, the flattery, and the general support for my own change and Rabbit’s change. We don’t get a lot of troll comments around here, which is amazing!

I will admit that my change both personal and on stage is an emotional challenge for me. To do so in a public light and look to be accepted is tough. When folks say things like “he was hotter as a male” or “I miss the old Rabbit” it does hurt my feelings. But that’s not without me understanding where you’re coming from.

Preference is fair. Critique is fair. Designs are subjective. But going through this transformation is a trying time for me, as it is with all transitioning transgender people. I would ask that you consider the difficulty transgender people go through, and with me, my art is paired to my performance and my femininity. To be perceived as anything lesser than I once was is hard to swallow.

I respect aesthetic preferences. I can understand my art isn’t always going to be well received by everyone. I would just like folks to consider me as a human being before posting stuff relating to my gender. I do my best to deal with it and show understanding. Will you imagine Isabella and Rabbit having to get approval from the audience to be themselves?

Much, much, love,

How Rabbit Works by Isabella Bunny Bennett
(Click here to buy the print!)

I drew something that finally conveys all the strange ideas I’ve had for Rabbit and puts them all together. This is how the machinery represented by the makeup and headpieces would work were the character really a robot.

What we can’t pull off live is the creepy inner-workings of this warbot-turned-entertainer. I hope the ridiculous concepts I’ve had make more sense strung together like this.

Rabbit’s look constantly changes in the live act, and this is the meshing of all the looks she has had over the years. What happened to the goggles? Now yah know! From the goggles, to the bunny ears, to the on-again-off-again arrow nose- it’s all in there.

This is also my way of presenting the next iteration of Rabbit you’ll see at live shows. :) There’s limitless variations I can do- so I hope you enjoy this girl’s fluctuating looks and outfits.

For more information on the act, visit

Oh, and right…those of you aware of my transition might know I’m not too fond of my birth name- hence the nickname ‘Bunny’ stuck. But I’m going with a more generic pretty name for my first- whenever I get the paperwork to take care of all of that.

See-you at the concerts!




This weekend I had the opportunity to take photos of the lovely Isabella Bennett. Most may also know her from the band Steam Powered Giraffe as Rabbit!

She’s a fantastic model, I hope to have another chance to photograph her in a less impromptu manner one day!   

Also how do you watermark properly? 

Edit: Looks like I spelled my name Alysss in the second one…whoops