It’s been two years since Business Casual officially opened for business, in that time we’ve heard some great music from some very talented artists! This compilation “ANNIVERSARY VOL.2” showcases that talent with the “best of” our second year! ENJOY! <3 (Cassettes also available!)




Bunneh for Pagerunner, who is in need of bunnehs.

(This is Islington, my ex-housemate’s bun. Very friendly lionhead/netherland dwarf cross, who didn’t seem to mind when I dressed him up as SafetyRabbit).

Xurcroh, I know it’s a sweet positive nothing, but what are you doing?

How can you say anyone’s smile is the cutest thing and expect to be believed when you post it right after a BUNNY PUSHING A SHOPPING CART?

I think your cute-meter needs to be recalibrated. A more reasonable response is: “Your smile is the cutest thing I’ve ever OH WAIT NEVERMIND BUNNEH! With a shopping cart!”

another music meme

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10 tracks, one playlist, all shuffled

1. Release - M|O|O|N

2. The Show Must Go On - Queen

3. Hydrogen (Extended Cut) - M|O|O|N

4. To The Top - Scattle

5. Future Club - PERTURBATOR

6. Paris - M|O|O|N

7. Evolution - Ndemic Creations

8. Roller Mobster - Carpenter Brut

9. It’s Safe Now - Scattle

10. Direct Control - Ndemic Creations

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More scribbles from yesterday - had to waste a bit of time sitting in my car between appts and starting work so what better way to kill some time :D

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Io. She is my ball of joy. I come home and she greets me. Runs around my feet, nibbles on my jeans and shoe laces. She gets crazy and funny and runs around the entire apartment. Or follows me into different rooms. I guess when I got the chance to raise her from 7 weeks old, I had her with me 24/7. Whether I was on the road or going to work, she was my travel bug. Now she’s litterbox trained and my #lovechild. She can be such a turd but still just so lovey and silly. I do miss how much she slept and snuggled with me when she was this little. But man, she’s such a cat rabbit and still jumps up on the bed for pets and snugs. [boop] #mymoon #LittleMoon #rabbit #usagi #lapin #io #bunny #bunneh #mylittlemoon #mylilmoon #ily