anonymous asked:

Do you understand what Marco is saying in that interview?

Only some of it tbh.

I understood that he talked about being lucky, he mentioned Schmelle’s handball incident, and he said “but that’s the Cup!” Then when they talked about the chance from Marco that Neuer saved I think Marco said that there was basically no chance because Neuer is the best goalkeeper in the world (or one of the best?). And then Marco mentioned the penalty shoot-out and they discussed something about that. And then the interviewer mentioned Kloppo’s dream to take the truck around the Borsigplatz again. And then Marco said we have 4 Bundsliga games left and we aim for EL qualification. Then there’s the Pokalfinale, he doesn’t care if it’s against Bielefeld or Wolfsburg, and he wants to bring home the cup home. And about winning the semifinal, he said something about “emotional” and “unbelievable” and the interviewer said that Kloppo ran really fast.

I don’t actually know German and I’ve never studied the language so this was basically all I understood from the interview. Please correct me if I got something wrong!