loyalveins said:

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  • ✯ - One of the muse’s favourite songs

Fairy Fountain - The Legend of Zelda (remixes included)

As there are no lyrics I’ll just link to his favourite versions of it.

[x] Scott Pilgram vs. The World

[x] Great Fairy Fountain Remix

[x] Skyward Sword (He doesn’t like the game but he has to admit this version is really nice. Just scowls/pouts while listening to it though).

[x] [x] Wind Waker, added Fairy Queen.

[x][x] Twilight Princess/Ocarina of Time


Rick is a huge Zelda fan and has been since the games first came out. Midnight releases. You know he’d be camping out to get his hands on the latest instalment (except Skyward Sword, was a bit bummed with that one). So naturally at least one song would be in his favourites. That being fairy fountain. He’ll often hum it while hunting or bored. Bit of a treat to hear as it shows the quack doctor’s in a good mood. He does this quite a few of the songs from the games. From Midna’s to the original Dungeon Theme. Knows most of ‘em by heart. Has all the soundtracks on his ipod to be honest. On record/hard copy too. Special little shelf for ‘em in his bedroom. And yeah so maybe he had skipped work and ditched Jeremy to go to the 25th Anniversary Symphony. Totally worth it mind you. Actually played the Water Temple theme from Ocarina of Time on the asylum piano while no one was around once. Course he got kicked out shortly after by an angry variant. Though Rick was stealing his act. Took his chance as hasn’t again since.

  • ♫ - A song for a key moment in the muse’s past

Pure Imagination - Fiona Apples (really can be any version though)

Come with me
And you’ll be
In a world of
Pure imagination
What you’ll find
When you look
Into your imagination

We’ll begin
With a spin
Traveling in
The world of my creation
Living there
You will see
What you truly wish to be


You don’t want to know. All I’m gunna say on the subject is that it’s not pretty. Never has been. No good times or childhood memories here with this one. Most would expect it to be. Then again the song does play in quite a nightmarish sequence which scarred most. Doesn’t like to talk on it. Like pulling teeth trying to get it out of him. Keeps it under the rug as to why it has such an effect on him. Much like everything else possibly traumatic in his life. Though I know for a fact the song has a deep meaning to him. Been one of those things that’s been a constant in his life. Even had it sung to him by the man in the mirror. Said a lot more than I planned to here. Whoopsies.