Hey guys, this is important.
Earlier today, I was chatting on omegle with a guy about Cosplay, anime, sjws, feminism, etc. A little ways through the conversation, he pulled out his Penis and started jacking it. Now, yeah okay I should’ve left at that point. But honestly, genitals aren’t a big deal to me so besides making a few joking comments about it, I kept talking and we continued a basically normal discussion. I told him I was leaving the conversation, to which he responded with threats to find my personal info. I didn’t take it seriously, but soon got a message on my Skype.
He found my Facebook, as well as my families and friends. Basically, this guy is threatening to send out pictures of me “looking at his dick” to all of my friends and family, post it all up on my social media, etc. he’s outright harassing me and refuses to leave me alone.
His “disposable facebook” is Tyrone Nergoson, and his Skype is lewwwwsss.
If anyone can do anything about the situation, track his IP, Tell me what I can do to get rid of him, and report his Facebook and Skype, I’d be really incredibly grateful. I’m a minor, and honestly his threats are too the point where I’m fearing for my safety. He’s threatened to give out my information, call the fire dept. to my house, and other things.
Please, if you can’t help signal boost this. I’m getting scared, and I could use the help.

Bullies are just demons that get under your skin. That’s why most of us cut them free.
—  Unknown (via shy-quiet-and-insecure)

Honestly do not understand why I am getting slammed by people who want to pick on me for using the word “gypsy” in my name and my tags. I understand it can be used as a racial slur but that’s not what I’m using it as, I’m using it as the second meaning in the dictionary which is: a nomadic or free-spirited person.

I am not one bit racist, I love other people and other cultures. I don’t judge a person by their skin colour, their background, the sexual preference, their believes, their religions, how they live or where they live. We are all people and we all deserve respect.

I feel as if I’m being targeted because I am a white female in a highly white populated country. Has any of these people who are technically “bullying” and being “racist” themselves ever stopped to consider history, my heritage or my views on other people? No!

They’re straight into the “I’m here to change the world because I believe that bullying and harassing people is my given right” and the “oh look someone said something I don’t agree with and I believe is racist, let’s be racist back”

If you want to make the world better then teach people to accept and to be accepted. Don’t go about it the way that you are currently. You can’t teach love by hating. You can’t heal the world by hating. You can make a difference by hating but it won’t be the positive change that you’re looking for.

Be what you want to see on the world.

Teach, love, accept and be accepted.

watching the 100 rn and idk where the show is trying to go with this but the narrative essentially stating that jaha and murphy are alike as people is weirding me the hell out and i don’t like it at all and why

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This Gino!! He’s the biggest goober I know.

For the record, I would NOT recommend interacting with most Rotties like this. I’ve known this dog since he was very, very little (like the size of his head now). He is extremely outgoing, inquisitive, and affectionate for a Rottweiler. And that isn’t a breed prejudice speaking - I love Rottweilers but they are often stoic and standoffish when first meeting new people. They are unpredictable. They often snap. In fact, Gino has a sister (who I also love) that if would never ever put my face this close to. And why? Because she wouldn’t like it.

I think it’s important to know your breeds and know their tendencies. Be cautious with all dogs, but be open minded too. Don’t disregard useful information but don’t let it completely ruin your perception of an animal (or person- this applies to all kinda of prejudices, now that I think of it).

Much love and puppy hugs to you all!!

like alright since ur all apparently so mad w me talking abt being bullied im gonna do it some more

in gym class a girl spiked a volleyball into my face and gave me a bloody nose because i didn’t move fast enough for her

i laughed at a joke the teacher made in class and the two girls in front of me snickered and turned around to tell me my smile was ugly (i still won’t smile w my teeth lol)

a girl threw my clothes out of the locker room into the hallway because i was apparently staring at her and that made me a fucking lesbian

two girls came up to me and took my book from me and ripped it in half then threw the pages at me

a few girls who i thought were my friends came up to me at lunch and told me, one by one, to my face, that they were not my friend and would never be my friend, then walked away laughing

i have so many more stories i remember so much lol but girls have *always* been awful to me