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or what they’re going through

I was at school yesterday. I was trying so hard not to cry because of my parents divorce.
Or being told by my father that I’m better off dead.
Or telling my step mom that I’m suicidal and her telling me that it’s my own fault.

I was trying so hard not to cry. And my friend kissed my cheek, and HE was wearing lipstick because he’s fabulous like that.
And this group of obnoxious black girls come up to me (I have never spoken to them in my life) like “WHO KISSED YOUR CHEEK.” And I didn’t answer. So they took my silence and yelled at me as I was walking away, saying things like “WTF BITCH” and “FATASS” and “WHATEVER SHE UGLY ANYWAY”.
That’s when I started to cry.
And I then had to deal with people asking me why I’d been crying, saying I look sick and trying to comfort me all day. And I always cry more when I’m being held. So that fucked me up, too.

Moral is; please don’t bully anyone. Please don’t yell at them. Or judge them. Don’t be mean to someone you know. Don’t be mean to someone you do know. And if someone doesn’t talk to you, there’s probably a reason. Be nice to people..please…