I know I’m a bit late but these women are disgusting for so openly judging millions of women for their exterior appearance. Just because some of us choose an alternative style doesn’t make us unintelligent, and simply because YOU don’t like my tattoos doesn’t mean I have the same opinion as you. I will NEVER regret covering my body in beautiful art that I’ve thought about long and hard and chose to PERMANENTLY put on my body. Women like this need to stop making it look OK to publicly centre out and bully millions of women. @sunriseon7 you should be ashamed of yourselves, bullying is not ok, singling out certain women on national television under your disgusting, invalid statements is not Ok. #sunriseon7 #sun7 #bullyingawareness #bullying #tattoos #girlswithtattoos

I want everyone to go watch this video http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=cETHTPeGvEc&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DcETHTPeGvEc

Amanda Todd got bullied and harassed, she committed suicide a few days ago because no one ever stood up for her when she was being bullied. It sickens me that people enjoy hurting others, I don’t get how that makes people feel good about themselves. I bet everyone who bullied her and all those standbyers feel like shit now that she’s gone and it’s they’re fault. Don’t be a bully or a standbyer, instead STAND UP! Be the bigger person and show people it’s wrong to be a bully. Why not even try helping a person being bullied, get to know them.. maybe even become friends with them. Show them it does get better and people do care about them before its too late because it seems like people only care after its too late and that needs to stop.