1) tomorrow is Black Friday and I won’t be going to school
2) learn how to spell
3) you are obviously too cowardly to come off of anon so I’m not really threatened
4) I don’t have a lot of self confidence any way so it doesn’t really effect me when somebody “offends me” by saying words that only you, a person I don’t care about, said, plenty of people that I care about say that I’m cute and beautiful, so who am I going to believe, someone I know or someone I don’t
5) have a wonderful day rotting in your parent’s basement eating your pizza rolls, scrolling down 4-chan, listening to folk music, trolling feminist/equality blogs, and spending all of your time hating on other people’s lives that don’t even effect you
6) have a nice day :)


Oklahoma students fight back against rape and bullying at their school with #YesAllDaughters 

Last Friday, Jezebel posted a disturbing account of three female students in Norman, Oklahoma, who were allegedly raped by the same male classmate — and bullied out of school as a result. 

But while these girls and their families say the school failed in providing a safe environment for them, they have found powerful support elsewhere: the local community.

On Monday, a group called Yes All Daughters organized a peaceful protest outside Norman High School. Over 1,000 students, parents and town residents attended the seven-hour gathering, despite the school administration warning students that they’ll be marked absent if they participate in the walkout.

Hundreds of students from Norman High School in Oklahoma walked out of class on Monday morning to protest their school’s handling of three alleged rape cases. The protest is in response to allegations from a 16-year-old who said she was raped and subsequently bullied when she tried to return to school. After the girl made her accusations public, two other girls came forward and said they were raped by the same student. The 18-year-old suspected of the assaults has been suspended for the year, but the three girls have not returned to the school.

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