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im sick of being treated like shit every fucking day at work. i go out of my way to do things that nobody else will do and im constantly left feeling like im not good enough. im fucking sick of being bullied for my passion and im sick of dealing with a bunch of idiots. i love these animals but fuck every single person that works at the shelter. they are all complete assholes.

i have never dealt with such mean people. im done with living in virginia all together, im ready to go home.

It isn’t big to make make others feel small.

I tend to try and keep things positive on my tumblr page, but tonight I am making an exception to write about a topic I am extremely passionate about. Bullying is something that has become so dominant and apparent in our society. Whether it be nasty words, physical actions or even comments made on social media, you have no idea how it can effect someone whether it be physically or mentally. I completely understand that everyone simply cant get along, and that is 100% okay - but that doesn’t mean there is any need to be nasty or to try to put others down. Always remember before you do or say something in which may hurt someone - would you like it if someone were to put this upon you? 

To anyone who is currently suffering from bullying, please know that you are not alone. It happens to so many people everyday, and there may be someone that dislikes you, but always remember theres so many people that love you too. It is an extremely horrible experience, but eventually it will come to an end, and when it does you will be so much stronger for it. There will always be people around you to support you, love you, and believe in you, and if you feel like there isn’t, fight a little harder because believe me there is. 

So guys, don’t let anyone make you feel like you are worthless. Look around you - every person you know has something incredibly special about them, and we all should be celebrating that. If you see someone struggling, reach out to them. YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

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Life is something that will get complicated and it woll happen to each and everyone of us. The thing is some peoples life is more complicated. There abused at home, bullied at school, have no friends, and many other things. Well you know what those people need someone to talk to. I have been getting over depression myself and have came to the realization is that all i needed then was someone to vent to someone who would listen. someone who would care. I know if your depressed and want someone to talk to you think that there is no one but let me just tell you there is. I AM here for you to talk to! I want to help you if you want help. I believe that i give good advice. I really am hoping that i can change someones life by being there for them. So please PLEASE note this so more can see, follow this account  ( )   and my twitter account if you are able @youre_perfectt. PLEASE HELP ME GAIN FOLLOWERS so i can hopefully save a life. Thank you in advance so much <3:)



Hello this is FuzzyLegion here and this is my blog…i think

So it’s going to be new years eve tomorrow, you know what that means!  The gym is going to be crowed for two months then everyone will remember they like food!  ”FUCK THIS DIET THING!  I LIKE CHEETOS!” 


Although if you like Cheetos that much you may want to seek professional help, know what i’m sayin?  So yeah, New Years is probably one of the most…how should i say it…amped up holiday that isn’t Christmas.  Well, mostly because it’s put into the ‘holiday season’ thing and every giddy girl and horny guy will party till it’s 1999.  Ooh Prince reference!  Let’s see here, what happens on New years eve normally?  Hmmm…play video games, watch a movie, maybe play a game with the family, watch the big ball drop and the people scream as the end of the world happens…oh wait….is that this year?  NO wait that was 2012, riiiiiight right…damn near forgot.  Can you believe that?  The world was supposed to end 2 years ago now, either we are buying time or some one’s math is waaaay off.  

What is my New Years resolution?  hmmm…probably not to die, that seems to be one I can do each year.  Last year I started my New Years resolution early because why wait to start working out and stuff?  Like, do I really need a day to say, “THIS IS WHERE IT BEGINS!” as I rip off my regular clothes to reveal a jogging suit.  No, just because I want to live long and prosper does not mean I need a certain day, even though it is the most important day of the year being that is is number one, to tell me when I should start doing something.  You know what, this years new years resolution for me is to play more video games and collect more comics, that’s a good one that I’ll be able to keep for sure.  

I don’t know why but I was thinking about High School today as I drove down the highway in the snow, i graduated high school in 2011 for all of you who do not know and it was either sophomore year or Junior year, most likely sophomore, I was in a algebra class, (the dumb one mind you) and I was the victim of bullying.  Why bring this up now?  I dunno, it just came to my head randomly today and i thought i would share this story.  So like I said, it was in Algebra class probably in 2009 or so and from day one I was singled out by a kid who was older than I, in 11th grade, along with his hoe, and they picked on me…not just once every so often, it was everyday.  And I think it was right around this time that I did something that I would never forget.  I don’t know how the whole thing got started but it somehow got to the point where I turned around to face him (because he sat behind me and to the right) and he asked, “What are you looking at, fool?”  in the mean way you probably read that in with your mind.  I dunno if it was just instinct or what but i just said forcefully, “Your ugly face.”  Of course the teacher was there to over hear everything that went on from day one, remind you, but the kid had buddy-buddied up with him so i was doomed from the get-go.  So the kid stands up and slides his seat away while readying a fist to go in for the punch and the hoe sets up and holds him back and is like, “Not here man, not here!”  All the while I’m sitting there waiting for be hit.

And just a side note here, never throw the first punch.  Although now it doesn’t really matter because both of you go to detention or suspension anyways, no matter who was getting bullied by who.

So there I am sitting in my chair looking at this wide eye’d kid spouting out words while his friend holds him back and I just start laughing.  I am looking into the face of my demise and I start laughing?  The teacher finally comes over and takes us outside of the classroom and says, “I’m tired of you two mucking about, I’ll have no more of it!  Now shake hands and go back inside.”  So we did, and really though….they stopped after that, I mean a few things here and there but really it stopped.  I was just tired of being bullied by every last freak out there who thought they were tough.  I was a chubby kid in elementary school so I was picked on a lot, especially in sixth grade when my so-called friend turned around on me and threw me under the bus.  Hah-hah I played Yu-Gi-Oh, Hah-hah I was fat, Hah-Hah I had stupid clothes, hah-hah!  You can only take so much in your life until you finally dish it back out.  Sure, I would have been pounded to the ground and left in a heap of blood and shame, but I would have gone down knowing that I stood up to the bully.  So, that’s my story for the day, I guess it wasn’t as good as some of my other stuff but I mean….it is a true story, right down to the adjectives.  

You may be wondering why I don’t talk much about the things my girlfriend and I do a lot, but i seem to talk about myself oh so much.  Well, to put it simply, what my girlfriend and I do is private and I don’t feel like putting it on the internet solely because that’s part of my private life and i’d like to keep it that way.  Sure, I’ve told a ton of stories about me in Marching band, turning down sluts, and past events that rocked my world but that is all my personal life that I wish to share.   I put it out there for people to read and laugh about or be on the same level.  Just like a few events that have happened over the past few months in my life that I have decided not to talk about till they have passed by and dwindled down.  I made one mistake on this blog and that was bad mouthing a person before the whole thing was over.  I’m pretty sure they got ahold of the words that I said one way or another, and even though I don’t care, it still tarnishes my reputation in some ways.  

So all in all, i just try to be more careful about the private things I put on here.  

Well, I guess that’s it for today.  Keep coming back for more Chaos City, and I’ll try to start another series as well so it’s not just one story one day a week.   I could be like a TV channel, have a different fan-fiction\story every day, but i’m too lazy for that….well and too busy.  


Why school tomorrow :( I hate to go there everyday and suffer from bullying, everyday there its like hell for me, at least what keeps me going is… that its the last year finally! Wish me luck dear followers :(