I want to show this to my sisters primary school. Like/reblog this if you dont stand for bullying

My sister has been bullied for three years now and no matter how many times we’ve told the school they do nothing. No matter how many parents tell them that the same two girls are bullying their own children, they do nothing. I think its absolutely disgusting. Once i hit a good amount of notes i will show this to the school. Please, help me make a change

“I have always been confused. When I was in elementary school, I was boyish, so kids would tease me, asking if I was a lesbian. I did as I pleased but because the others told me I was wrong, I became confused about my identity. Whether I like men or I like women, whether I wear beggar-like clothes or gaudy clothes, it’s my choice. However, when I was younger, adults thought poorly of me. They thought that I was a bad influence on those around me. That’s just how I lived my life.”

“항상 혼란스러웠어요. 초등학교 때 남자애같이 하고 다녀서 레즈 아니냐고 놀림 받았기도 했어요. 전 제가 하고 싶은대로 하는데 남들은 그게 틀리다고 하니까 제 정체성에 혼란이 오더라구요. 제가 남자를 좋아하든 여자를 좋아하든, 옷을 거지 같이 입든 야하게 입든 그건 제 선택이라 생각해요. 하지만 당시 어른들은 제가 주위 사람들에게 나쁜 영향을 줄까봐 저를 안 좋게 보곤 했어요. 전 그저 제 인생을 살고 있던 것 뿐이었는데도요.”

I truly believe that you ARE the company you keep

Friends with dramatic losers? You likely are one. Friends with pathetic jealous bullies? You likely are one, too. Raised by wolves? There is a great chance that you will be raised as one (though I do have hope for a few particular teens/pre-teens who haven’t quite morphed into monsters yet).

Not to brag, but my friends and family are all EXCEPTIONALLY successful, intelligent, academically strong, philanthropic, activist-oriented, mature, golden hearted, outrageously attractive, talented, well-known/respected, highly regarded by society, interesting, cool, no-drama, inspirational, high functioning (individuals & families), supportive, stylish, accomplished, POWERFUL people. They have it ALL. And don’t even get me started on how fucking amazing my girlfriend, Ashton is! Hopefully that says something about me, or who I am becoming.

I need to stop being so nice to losers. Losers will be losers. Bad people don’t change. I also need to stop pretending that I fit in with those people. I have dumbed myself down and downgraded my personality and intelligence in the presence of these people, in order to make them comfortable. Not anymore. I know where I belong in society, and I will not play so modestly anymore. I don’t need to be an easy target for insecure cyberbullies. My heart of gold will not keep me from outranking the bottom-feeders. I am NOTHING like you. You want me to suffer, you want me to die, but I am not dying. I will thrive and you will still be in the exact same place you are now, which is nowhere. Watch and weep. You are not of my world.