When i was in second grade 9/11 happened. I am American arab, my first language is Arabic.

On 9/11 I stayed home from school because I was very sick. I was with my family, we were all horrified by what was happening on the TV. We were praying for those people that were in danger. My mother who was Orthodox Christian at the time, lit a St. Mary candle and put it outside of our apartment building.

A couple hours later me and my little sister -who was in kindergarten- were going to see if the candle was still lit. As we walked up the steps from our front door to the main doors, we could hear shouting. Our neighbor was drunk, he was angry. A 45 year old man who lived with his girlfriend. We knew he drank, we always could hear him stomping, and shouting around above us. But on that day I could clearly hear what he was saying. “I’m going to kill them! I’m gonna shoot em!!” I heard these words but I didn’t know what he was talking about, we both brushed it off. Once we finally got outside, we saw that our candle was crushed. Someone had stomped on it, and broken it to pieces. Me and my sister ran back to our apartment to tell our mom, and once we got back in our home we were met by our dad, on the phone with the police department. Our neighbor was screaming from his balcony about how he was going to kill someone, and I finally had realized he was talking about us.

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This teen’s horrific injuries are why we need to end bullying right now

Last month, Joshua Davies, 18, fell 50 feet from a bridge while trying to run away from a gang of bullies. The teen, who is autistic, broke his arms, legs and feet, as well as his spine in four places.

"Joshua and his friend were walking by the river, when they realized some boys were following them. They heard them shout, ‘There they are – let’s get them!’ and climbed onto the steel supports of the bridge to get away," Michael Morgan, Davies’ stepfather, told Wales Online. Then the boys began throwing stones, he said. "One of the stones hit Joshua on the shoulder, then another hit him on his heel, and he lost his grip and fell." 

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