The vid for EVERY kid who’s ever been bullied!’

Ever been bullied, ya know the turmoil. Well know you are not alone and there is an upside if you let their be. This video was inspired by a follower on Tumblr who asked me how to cope with their current bully situation.’

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“My younger sister was bullied and an outcast in the past. Back then, it was difficult for her to figure out how to approach her friends. So I told her to start sending messages that say, ‘I want to be your friend’. The messages helped. Now one of those friends and my sister are best friends.”

“동생이 예전에 왕따를 당한적이 있었어요. 당시 어떻게 친구들에게 다가가야 할지 힘들어하더라구요. 그래서 나 너랑 잘 지내보고 싶다란 문자를 시작해보라고 했어요. 문자하는 걸 도와줬었죠. 그리고 지금 그 친구는 제 동생이랑 절친 사이에요.”

We are all told to ignore bullies. It’s something they teach you, and they can teach you anything. It doesn’t mean you learn it. It doesn’t mean you believe it. One should never ignore bullies. One should stop them.
—  Lemony Snicket, “When Did You See Her Last?”

Secret video Inkster Police didn’t want seen.

This is after they pulled over and brutally beat Floyd Dent


I truly believe that you ARE the company you keep

Friends with dramatic losers? You likely are one. Friends with pathetic jealous bullies? You likely are one, too. Raised by wolves? There is a great chance that you will be raised as one (though I do have hope for a few particular teens/pre-teens who haven’t quite morphed into monsters yet).

Not to brag, but my friends and family are all EXCEPTIONALLY successful, intelligent, academically strong, philanthropic, activist-oriented, mature, golden hearted, outrageously attractive, talented, well-known/respected, highly regarded by society, interesting, cool, no-drama, inspirational, high functioning (individuals & families), supportive, stylish, accomplished, POWERFUL people. They have it ALL. And don’t even get me started on how fucking amazing my girlfriend, Ashton is! Hopefully that says something about me, or who I am becoming.

I need to stop being so nice to losers. Losers will be losers. Bad people don’t change. I also need to stop pretending that I fit in with those people. I have dumbed myself down and downgraded my personality and intelligence in the presence of these people, in order to make them comfortable. Not anymore. I know where I belong in society, and I will not play so modestly anymore. I don’t need to be an easy target for insecure cyberbullies. My heart of gold will not keep me from outranking the bottom-feeders. I am NOTHING like you. You want me to suffer, you want me to die, but I am not dying. I will thrive and you will still be in the exact same place you are now, which is nowhere. Watch and weep. You are not of my world.

We are the bullies

We are taller than you, 
thinner than you,
in our hatred of you.
We are privileged
in ways we cannot see,
we are golden
in ways you will never be.
We are beauty
and injury,
we are jealous
and jeopardy,
we are in control
and we are horrible.
And the best part is 
that you will never forget,
for all of your life,
you will never, ever forget
the names, the spit,
the wicked grins,
the whispers,
everything thrown,
the way she snarled,
the way he said:
you are
what we
think of you.

Pennsylvania high school students organize “Anti-Gay Day” – April 20, 2015

The anti-gay protest occurred a day after students with the school’s Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) held a “Day of Silence,” an event aimed at drawing attention to anti-gay bullying.

“I got called a dyke, a faggot,” Johnson said. “They were calling us every horrible name you can think of.”


I’ve had Achilles since he could fit in my hands. He is my life.

Achilles tore the ligaments in his knee two years ago. It’s the equivalent to an ACL tear in humans. He recovered over time, and it took a long time. He would still limp once in a while or hurt himself and would be out of commission for a couple of days, but mostly, the recovery went pretty well. Probably a year in total for recovery with a lot of bed rest and a lot of no fun.

He re-injured his leg again this March, almost two years from the initial injury date. We were at the dog park having fun and running and enjoying ourselves. He got particularly excited over-exerted himself a little too much, and it was right back to use of only his three legs; limping, not putting his leg down. Okay, here we go. Bed rest for another year.

My dog is not even six years old. For two years, we have been babying this leg and keeping him from having a good time. Finally, when we moved to Portland, we had about a solid month and a half of excellent activities. Hiking, dog parks, playing. Things that normal, healthy dogs can do.

A couple of days ago, things got worse with the limping. His leg started clicking when he moved it. I don’t mean clicking like knuckle-popping; this is the clicking of bone rubbing on bone. Think about that for a moment.

Achilles’ rupture was of the cranial cruciate ligament, which is placed under increased stress in the presence of a patella luxation (floating kneecap). This progression of injury is a major factor for lameness in larger dogs. Smaller breeds can usually live out their lives with a floating kneecap, but for a large breed, it is not possible.

It’s true that he’s just a dog, but this dog is my family. He is one constant that has been in my life since he could fit in my hands, since I first brought him home for my birthday in 2009. Through breakups, massive life changes, moving three states with him, always with me wherever I go. I care for him like he’s my own child, I would go to war for this dog, I would kill someone for this dog. It hurts me physically to see him in so much pain and struggling for years like this, and there are so many nights when I hold him and cry into him wishing that there was a feasible way to heal him because it isn’t fair for such a beautiful, happy creature to be in so much pain.

It getting an estimate from the vet, the one I’ve spoken to gave me an initial quote for surgery at around $4,000. I do not have four thousand dollars. know that this isn’t on par with real life troubles that others have with the passing of family members or losing their homes or jobs or people they care about or caring for children or paying “real” medical bills. He’s just a dog. But he’s my dog, and he’s my life. He’s only five and he’s near crippled, and I’m looking to raise funds to help cover surgery costs.

Please contribute if you have the means. We will be taking a ton of photos and videos to update with Achilles’ progress, and we intend to find a way to thank everyone in an individual and personal way who discloses their name in their contributions as a measure of gratitude.

If you have no monetary funds to contribute, your support means everything as well. Please share, reblog, do what you can so I can help fix my pup for good.


HELP ACHILLES HEAL - campaign link here

Ayoko talaga ng mga bullies.   Minsan, nakakagawa ako ng masama pag talagang nainis ako sa mga bullies.  Hindi ako nanangit physically pero kaya kong manakit emotionally.  

Okay lang kung ako ang ibubully, kering keri.  Pero kapag mga taong walang kalaban laban, yun ang nakakainis.