I love the Harts, I really do. It’s the only mount I ride with my Dalish. However, the Harts sound like a particulairly high pitched bullhorn, it is not a pleasant sound to listen to. Hissing Wastes I am looking at you here. Hissing wastes was part forever map and part bullhorn noises, it was awful.


Details of Xrayed cyclists


© Paul Perret

Note the differences of transparency between alloy and steel, the engravings on the chainring and the bar end that are perfectly readable. The thing below the stem is a wallet and one can see the GPS chip at the top end of the watch.

Full pics here :
1/ http://allterraintrackrides.tumblr.com/post/80072042226/pinarello-road-xrayed-17-03-2014-r-alex-doyer

2/ http://allterraintrackrides.tumblr.com/post/79898740932/fixed-gear-trackstand-xrayed-17-03-2014-r-paul