reminder: Penny took down a squad of White Fang while happily grinning, then she used a GIANT LASER to cut two Bullhead airships in half, then literally used her sword-wires to drag one of these ships out of the damn sky by herself. I mean. DAMN GIRL?

let’s go get high - a harry/zayn playlist of some songs they’d listen to while high - requested by sara. (click the picture to download) / .zip / 8tracks / graphic by caroline.

  • nightcall by kavinsky (feat. lovefoxxx)

  • voodooized by empires

  • dakota by stereophonics

  • you’re the one by the black keys

  • wicked games by the weeknd

  • point pleasant by god is an astronaut 

  • he had a good time (instrumental) by cliff martinez 

  • under control by the strokes

  • ltlp (instrumental) by edIT

  • instrumental by the microphones

  • dusty by kings of leon

  • lost in the world by kanye west (feat. bon iver)

  • young blood (white sea remix) by the naked and famous

  • born to die by lana del rey

  • do ya like by childish gambino

  • high for this (the weeknd cover) by ellie goulding

  • i’m a realist by the cribs