Jimmy was given a red cape in the early 50s, which had belonged to a bullfighter. He would usually play with it as if he was standing in front of a bull (that usually was one of his friends). He liked bullfighting so much he did not only enjoy being photographed with the cape, but also made paintings, drawings and a short film of it. At the end of one letter he wrote to a friend, he even wrote in Spanish “Buena Suerte. Siempre. James Dean" (Good Luck. Always. James Dean), and that was accompanied by a quick drawing of the head of a bull.

The Blind Faith of the One-Eyed Matador

Last fall, one of Spain’s greatest matadors took a horn to the face. It was a brutal goring, among the most horrific in the history of bullfighting. Miraculously, Juan Jose Padilla was back in the bullring—sí, fighting bulls—a mere five months later. And in the process of losing half his sight, he somehow managed to double his vision.

There is the physical pain, which the doctors reduce with morphine, and then there is the terror. They’re telling him he might never again wear his “suit of lights.” Never stand before another bull. If he can’t return to a plaza, he’ll be exiled from his life. Evicted from his own skin.

In his hospital room, as soon as he can move again, he begins to rehearse bullfighting moves with the sheets. And on October 19, less than two weeks after the accident, he gives a press conference in a wheelchair with his face uncovered.

"I have no rancor toward this bull or toward my profession," he slurs into the mike. He makes the following pledge: "I will return to dress as a torero."

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Antonio Guzman Capel is self- taught, hyperrealist painter, living in Palencia, Spain.

From childhood he showed an innate qualities for drawing and painting. He made his first exhibition when he was only eleven years old. Thereafter, each year he held another exhibition. At fourteen years of age, he exhibited his work in Switzerland, where he was regarded by local critics as a genius of painting, because as stated, there was no known artist at that time with the ability to perform works such as that, at such an early age.  via wikipedia



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