THRILLS xDan Elborne“Skull & Bullets”

Byron Bay store THRILLS has teamed up with Australian artist and ceramicist Dan Elborne on a porcelain series titled “Skull & Bullets.” Crafted from slip cast porcelain, each skull and set of .303 bullets are glazed and decorated with floral scorpion artwork – a continuation of the artist’s existing series Human Condition. The artwork juxtaposes motifs of the horrors of war with the aesthetic beauty of porcelain, further reflecting this theme by the scorpion lurking within the floral artwork. The skulls are limited to four pieces and the bullet sets to five. You can purchase items from the “Skull & Bullets” series direct from THRILLS.

Watch on bloody-gerard.tumblr.com

I’m fucking crying. This is my favourite song and I can see in this live the passion Gerard puts in it. This video is probably my favourite live ever.

Started crying from 1:53

I miss mcr so much

Missing Bullets

Do you remember that woman who got shot in the head in Ferguson early last week? Her name is Mya Aaten-White (SpookWrites on Instagram) and she’s going to be okay. She woke up from surgery one week ago, and the doctors and nurses told her that the police came and confiscated the bullet. Assuming they would come back and question her about the shooting, she waited. For days. No one came to take her statement, though media reports the incident as a “drive-by”. Mya has claimed no such thing, and remembers no such thing.

It has been over a week since the incident, and no policeman has spoken to Mya or followed up. Her lawyer has contacted authorities in search for the bullet and had this to say:

"I’ve talked to both the St. Louis County Police Department and Ferguson… they have no record… no file number, no report… They don’t have anything."

So anyway, that happened.

During the incident, a woman filmed herself questioning a police officer about it. She also filmed a different police officer physically stopping the first one from answering.


How’s it going with you?