My beloved has come, (Mera piya ghar aya) Bulleh Shah (1680-1758)

Banish the timekeeper, my beloved has come home, my precious one!

Again and again the time keeper strikes the gong,

Diminishing this night of our union.

Were he to look into my heart,

Himself, he would fling it away.

The unheard music plays majestically.

The singer accomplished in rhythm and measure.

Forgotten are my prayers

As the distiller gives me plentiful wine.

At the wondrous sight of his face,

All my sorrows vanished.

The night marches on. How can I extend it?

O build a wall against the day!

I have lost myself.

I can not remember when I was wedded.

It is not possible to hide,

This complete grace that is upon me.

Many magic spells were cast,

Magicians came, big and small.

Now that my beloved is home,

I will remain with him for a hundred thousand years.

Says Bulle Shah, in this beloved bed

I have crossed over to the other side.

Finally, my turn came,

Separation is no longer possible.

Banish the timekeeper, my beloved has come home, my precious one. 

Baba Bulleh Shah R.A
Sade wal mukhra morr
we piaria
Sade wal mukhra morr
Aape layiaan kandiaan
Te aape khichda hain dor
Arsh kursi te bangaan milian
Makke pe gia shor
Doli pale chale khere
Na kujh azar na zor
Je maae tenoon khere piare
Doli padaiwin hor
Bullah shoh assan marna nahin
We mar gia koi hor
Sade wal mukhra morr
We piaria
Sade wal mukhra morr


Turn your face towards me
My dear
Turn your face towards me
lord swallowed the hook, and now we are inside the trap, he pull the roop.
I received the heavenly message from sky
It is uproar in Makkah
The Kheres are taking away heer(body) after putting her in the palanquin.
She has no control it. (Nobody have power to resists)
Oh mother If you like Kheres.
Could you send someone instead.
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