The things you promise yourself you’re going to do, you ought to do. And I don’t meant this in a glib, middle-class, bourgeois fucking way that you often see aphorisms on Facebook and on posters. For instance, my wife and I recently saw a poster that said, ‘if you don’t like your job, quit it.’ And it’s like, only a rich asshole would say that. If you don’t like your job, it might be because you’re stuck in that fucking job. So I never give that fucking free-floating, hippie bullshit, if you’ll pardon the expression, even though I’m down with hippie philosophy. I just mean it’s easy to say to people, ‘do what you want.’ People CAN’T do what they want. They’re constricted by the economics of their situation, the personal relationships of their situation; whatever it may be that’s led them to the situation they’re in, there’s often a million parameters around them that keep them from doing it. Having said that, the two things you can work on in your life are: the management of time, and yourself. And what I would say to myself is: stop being a dickwad, and getting high all the fucking time, and knuckle down and write that fucking thing you were supposed to fucking write, and don’t waste time. Time goes so fast. […] It’ll be eighteen years from now before you fucking know it. And I’ll be dead, but you guys need to do what you’re gonna do. Because of the age you guys are, you think time lasts forever and goes slow. Time goes fucking fast. You look at your mum and dad and you go, ‘I’ll never be your fucking age, and I’ll never think what you think.’ And then the next thing you know, you’re in a Ford Fiesta with a baby seat in the back, and barf everywhere, and Burger King wrappers, listening to Sade. […] It goes faster than you can possibly imagine. Don’t waste a minute of it. […] Time goes real fast, so get in everything you can. If you have the opportunity to travel, travel. If you have the opportunity to meet a lot of people, meet a lot of people. If you have the opportunity to learn a language, learn a fucking language. If you don’t play an instrument, learn to play an instrument. That’s all I’m saying. These are things you can do on your own, without economic pressures all around you and shit like that. That’s the advice I would give myself. […] Here’s the trick to what I just said: there’s no learning faster than you’re going to learn. And in the end, it’s all about learning. Every day I’m like, ‘why did I not fucking think of that? I’m so old!’
—  Greg Proops, when asked what advice he would give himself eighteen years ago. “Burrs,” 27 May 2014, The Smartest Man in the World (x)

This is true love.

Gallifrey Records - The Hangover Split Album: Part 2

As we do, this round of Galilfrey Records fic tennis has reached a second post. To catch up, there’s part one. To skip the drinking and stay in instead, savior “fic tennis” or “gallifrey records.” Our most excellent prompt for this go-round is courtesy of the fantastically talented and generous littlewhomouse!


There’s absolutely nowhere to leg it, they’d be swallowed up by desert terrain in a matter of yards, and having to explain an airlift rescue operation and an apparent wedding to Rose seems like a little too much for him to handle.

Maybe just one or the other, and only if she’s feeling charitable.

"Listen, mate," the Doctor says. "I seem to have lost my wallet."

The driver’s face turns murderous and he reaches for the door handle.

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Bully and Sighthound lovers! This is “Sif”, the abandoned puppy that my friend barefistedbabybrawlers found very likely having been dumped in her neighborhood. He is still pending vet check but no one has come forward to claim him despite him being posted online in usual lost dog areas. No chip.

Best guesses are some sort of whippet x as she lives next to a racetrack, or a bully mix. Rescues are full. She would like to get him into a longer-term foster situation or a forever home. Please if there is any interest in central Alabama or if you can provide transportation to and from, PLEASE let one of us know!