INDONESIA, Karo : Residents ride a bull cart to work near a farm in Karo district near Mount Sinabung volcano (back) as it emits steam and ash on June 3, 2015. Indonesian authorities ordered evacuation of residents close to the volcano as Mount Sinabung increased activity. Following the February 2014 powerful eruption that displaced about 3,500 residents, Mount Sinabung volcano located in Sumatra island remains active. AFP PHOTO / SUTANTA ADITYA                        


All 10 (so far) of my silly DA:I gag strips, together in one place, for a limited time only! Well not really limited, but all on one post for easy reading ^_- More to come too, plus a new In Your Heart Shall Burn page! ^_^ But until then, enjoy! (sorry for the long post! T_T)

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I`m back in the saddle again - Finally I get well. Today I feel much better. :)

This is a brahmin bull rider, can be said to be a fan art of Fallout series. Nephi`s golf driver is one of my favorite weapons. I like to beat Fiends with it. And I think it can be use as a brahmin handling stick too, like an elephant handling stick lol (I really wonder that how people of the wasteland bridle this 2 headed animal.)

I really want to go theater to watch Mad Max: Fury Road. V8! V8! This animal is V8, too. Because brahmins have 8 stomach compartments - My rider is on Lamborghini of the wasteland lol Don`t underrate bulls. I heard that emperors of ancient India had specially trained bulls which could run as fast as horses. Yeah, Ferrari vs Lamborghini in ancient India!

P.S. - I`m not an English speaker and almost forget what I learned in school. Please let me know if I use obviously wrong or awkward expressions.