Зa всички които кaзвaт ,че aниметaтa не сa по различни от анимационните филми…. това е все едно да кажете , че турските сериали не се рaзличaвaт от американските.


Поздрав за българските Монстърчета ^^ .. 

Intellectual time with Bob

Hello is bob here. I fell that dis blog is too much dumb. We need big IQ to make is smart and get more vievers. Ok so wat do smart persons do? Dei Talk funny haha. I am funney anwey so I am good at that stuff… Ok I go into deep world of communication and brother of Murka. Cummet is my favourit shark haha. So now my IQ bigger for 10 points. Haha I know alphabet now haha. AIBEECEEDEEEFGEEHAIJKELE. Ok now end This is getting shorter cuz I am my blog. I should raelly start making new vlogs on myspace cuz brad pitt has a mathematical courage of 10 men and 3 horses hahaha. So then I visit my new transeversitite sistur Littla CUMMET. My rother cum hahhaha and met hahaha.

SO i make this little longer bcuz you guys really wanted to make it watched. So then I decided o go to little magical land of ameruca hahahhah ameruca is speak of bulgerian old town bulgaštein in north korea haha. North korea create atmosphere, water and hair. Hail leader King jung ALAH AHAHHAHAHHAAHHA. 

Leader King Jung.


Is CUMMET at poodtraining

Is your mum yesterday after I gave her green candy juice.


Fear us. We are gay.

Last pictur of Morgan Freeman.