Turli tava (vegetable and meat stew) has its name origin in Turkish words turli meaning mixed and tava, a pottery dish. Its a common main course dish for Macedonia and the rest of the southern Balkans. Turli tava is made out of potatoes, rice, okra, eggplant, carrots, peppers, pork, beef or lamb. All these ingredients are mixed and baked in an oven in a traditional pottery dish (tava).


аз се боря да забравя
докато ти дори не се опитваш
да запомниш нещо 
от мен

тихо “здравей”
или усмивка
просто поглед
(за дните в които нямах смелост за първите две)

нищо чудно
бяха толкова многобройни
трябваше да ги пестя
да ги няма дори

трябваше ли изобщо
някога някъде някак
да се появяваш

The Pomak Bride

For this editorial, Portuguese photographer Rachel Marques was inspired by Pomak brides who ”paint their faces white, and adorn them with sequins and other shiny details. The idea is that, after the wedding, their husband washes their faces with warm milk in a soft way. They also use complicated head crowns made of flowers, red veils and other curious details that don’t even show that the bride has the eyes closed for the whole ceremony”. Pomak are Slavic Muslims living in Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Albania, Republic of Macedonia and Kosovo. See the whole editorial here.

During the ‘Restoration of Names’ process, many ethnic Turks in Bulgaria were forced to assimilate. Nearly one miillion Muslims were humiliated, 350,000 people left the country and names were even removed from gravestones