Serbian Defence Minister tours Ground Safety Zone

Serbian Defence Minister tours Ground Safety Zone

BUJANOVAC – The state will do its utmost to improve the economic status of members of the Serbian military throughout the country, Serbian Defence Minister Bratislav Gasic said on Wednesday after inspecting the activities of the 4th Land Forces Brigade of the Serbian Armed Forces.


Members of the Serbian Armed Forces stationed in the Ground Safety Zone execute their tasks with…

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Serbian prime minister responds to threats of "armed conflict"

PM Ivica Dačić has once again stated that if the local authorities in Bujanovac fail to remove a controversial memorial, the state will do so “by force”. 

His statement came after former members of an ethnic Albanian terror group in southern Serbia threatened to take up arms again if the memorial, built for their fellow OVPMB (UCPMB) members, was removed.

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Riza Halimi: PDD wants to be active in problem-solving

Riza Halimi: PDD wants to be active in problem-solving

BELGRADE – Riza Halimi, leader of the Party for Democratic Action (PDD), said on Thursday that the party does not aspire to take part in a new government, but to be directly involved in solving everyday problems in the three municipalities in southern Serbia.

“We hope that we will talk with the prime minister-in-waiting in the coming days so as to finally be active participants in solving the…

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People responsible for terrorist attack in Bujanovac convicted

PRISTINA - A mixed panel of international and local judges at the Basic Court in Gnjilane in Kosovo-Metohija sentenced 10 people to 59 years and nine months in prison in total for a terrorist attack on the Serbian checkpoint in the vicinity of Bujanovac, in the south of central Serbia.