Nico going back to camp half blood for like a week just to check things out being on “ambassador of Pluto buisness” when a little newbie whose parent is still undetermined tugs on his aviator jacket and looks all sweet and asks “could you help me with sword fighting a little?” And nico is kinda shocked at first but is like “yeah of course” and they go to the arena and he starts to teach him and nico ends up being a pretty good teacher and he knows all these weird styles from like Japanese to some medieval knight shit cause of all the ghost swords people he’s fought and learned from. After a little while of training with the kid a crowd starts to draw around them and they don’t notice and from at the other end of camp or whatevs percy and Jason are like “what’s that crowd what” and go to check it out to find nico instructing like five little newbies at a time and they’re like woah and so they next few days nico has like a following of people who are like “he’s so sweet and an awesome at swordsman” and Jason and percy are like damn who knew

like seth rollins all up in that documentary talking about how humbling it is to be mr mitb and how he always dreamed of it and how thankful he is for everything and ya’ll still complaining bc “hes so arrogant ugh” smh

silvereye277 said:

⊕ (Because crack stuff)


  • Their sarcasm and snark paired with their utter devotion to each other would hold no bounds in bed
  • They’d always make sure the other one was taken care of, and have epic battles about who got off first
  • They’d be too tired to have nightmares, and even if they did the other would be right there


  • The brothels (Especially male ones) would suffer in their buisness
  • It would hurt just that much more when one of them died
  • Sex could ruin their friendship/father-daughter/protective love



  • Both are awesome in bed
  • They would be known for another kind of screaming
  • They’re sexy and they know it


  • Male prostitutes can’t join in (Or can they?)
  • They don’t get to explore their sexuality
  • Being with just one person would bore them both

Even when I think Urban Outfitters couldn’t possibly disappoint me any further, boy do they prove me wrong (time and time again).
"Face Gems"? Really? I believe you mean “bindi”. Did you not learn your lesson after the Navajo lawsuit? ~Keep your hands off things that aren’t yours, culture vulture~
(The models don’t even appear to be South Asian, you aren’t even TRYING to be slightly sensitive.)

This same company has made headlines numerous times within the past couple years for having an “Obama/black” t-shirt color option, t-shirts reading “Eat Less”, and shirts displaying patches that clearly resemble the patches worn on the clothing of Jewish people during the Holocaust. All the while, a simple shirt proclaiming “Legalize gay marriage” got pulled from stores. Additionally, they steal ideas from independent designers who have fought tooth and nail to have their products produced and sold, only to get ripped off.

***Please, please, please do not give this company your money. Literally everything they sell can be found in other stores, and usually for half the price.***