I slept for 11 hours last night. I had planned to go to bootcamp but as I was walking home, my right knee started to hurt. I decided to skip class and ended up watching the office reruns on netflix until 7.
I tried to go for a run this morning and underestimated how cold it was. Didn’t dress warm enough and ended up going back and doing some work for BuiltLean.
I’m hoping to do at least a 5k tonight, depending on how my knee behaves all day. I’m on heels today so I hope that doesn’t affect it too much. If it’s still wonky, I have laundry to do and that always tires me out -.-

Exercising on an empty stomach

Exercising on an empty stomach is a hot topic of debate. I did my own research the past two weeks and tested whether eating or not eating before exercise increases fitness or fat loss. 

For the first week in this widely debated topic, I went to the gym immediately after waking up. This constitutes a fast, so my theory was that I would burn more fat or lose more weight if I didn’t eat before exercising. This is because I wouldn’t have any glucose to use as energy, just stored fat. 

That week at the gym, I found that I felt fatigued and tired during the workouts. Also, I felt less motivated and wanted to quit early. When I weighed myself at the end of the week, I noticed that I didn’t lose as much weight as I anticipated I would because I had the mindset that more fat would be lost if I didn’t feed my body before working out. 

The next week I tested the opposite and ate about an hour to an hour and a half before working out. During the exercise, I felt very motivated and had a good amount of energy. I was able to perform better and for longer than when I exercised on an empty stomach. 

After the week of eating before exercise, I weighed myself on the same day at the same time as I did the previous week. When I stepped on the scale, I noticed that I had lost more weight than the previous week and more than I expected to lose.

In addition, I ate virtually the same meals for both the weeks in order to have the least amount of confounding variables as possible. 

So in conclusion, for me personally, eating before exercising was beneficial to my overall fitness and health. 

According to the article, “Does Cardio On An Empty Stomach Burn More Fat?” by Kevin Deeth on the BUILTLEAN website, eating before exercising is advisable. They did an entire study that measured everything from fat loss to glucose to oxygen consumption.

In the article, the authors discovered that exercising on an empty stomach does burn more fat during the actual exercise but not the rest of the day. The “afterburn” effect, a term for the body burning more fat post- exercise, does not happen if you exercise on an empty stomach. This exemplifies that exercising on an empty stomach is less effective as I discovered as well. 

You can find the rest of the results and scientific evidence they found here at http://www.builtlean.com/2012/05/29/cardio-empty-stomach/.  

Here are the top 10 songs I listened to for workouts this week. 

1. Fighter- Christina Aguilera

2. I Want You Back- The Jackson 5

3. I Feel It All- Feist 

4. Happily Ever After- He is We 

5. I Could Be The One- Alesso

6. Drunk- Ed Sheeran

7. Cashin Out- Cash Out 

8. Do It- Mykko Montana 

9. Working- I Fight Dragons 

10. Suit and Tie- Justin Timberlake ft. Jay-Z