Yesterday during our Workshop, my favorite ZFF Person (Doc Bien) presenting MMR trends of cohorts. Clearly, GIDA group is a league of its own! #buhaydttb (at BERJAYA Hotel Makati)

31 Heroes showed up in Talalora today! #donateblood and be one of us. Thank you Lord we beat the old (disappointing) record. #buhaydttb EVRMC peeps were very happy too! (at Talalora, Samar)


Here it is! The much-awaited preview of our Bicol ATV Adventure #AMHOP2015 #buhaydttb

A Thing Called Panata

It is not unusual for me to not do anything during the Holy Week. As a matter of fact, I haven’t participated yet in any Holy Week traditions. Not one, ever. With that in mind I was all set to do nothing for this year’s annual Pinoy tradition.

But because of my current job as a doctor in a barrio, I was somehow more exposed to all these kinds of tradition. Hence curiosity crawled in. I was told that here in the secluded town of Talalora in Western Samar, neighbours exchange (meat-free) food during the Holy Week, specifically on Good Friday. Usual dishes include ginataang kalabasa, sinabawang gulay, and pinakbet (a well-known Ilocano dish). I have never heard of this kind of Holy Week tradition before thus I was looking forward to it.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to experience this practice in Talalora just because I was in a totally different town that time. Which leads me to my next (more interesting) post.

How about you, how did you spend your Holy Week 2015?

Logistics is a crazy good workout

More than the daily consults and administrative work, conducting regular Municipal-wide activities really drains me. Because of Logistics!
Like just this morning our town celebrated Women’s Month and we at the Health Unit offered Pap smear services and clinical breast examinations to more than 200 women. In addition to the Dental Mission that we also organized today. And everything was really chaotic at the Health Center up until around 1 PM when patients starting easing down.
That thing in the Barrio where I have to do all kinds of stuff beyond being a doctor — setting up the tent for the Mission, patient flow signages, number cards for queuing, hammering down the tent poles, putting up the tarpaulin, printing the attendance sheets, bringing the tables and chairs to the activity area, every little thing! That’s what you call Man Power! Hahaha. But really now, conducting these big time events somehow push me harder and gives my brain, heart, and (some) muscles that little extra workout they need. Now on to the resting phase. Zzzz.

My group during the Unang Yakap EINC roll-out in Northern & Western Samar. They all passed! Such a joy to train & mentor these amazing and passionate health workers. #parasabayan #buhaydttb #publichealth (at Ciriaco Hotel and Resort Official)