These pictures from the Meguro Parasitological Museum in Tokyo are not for the faint of heart! Neither is the museum if you are easily squicked out XD.

This was a really cool little place I made a point to go to because, well when else am I going to see a parasite museum? It’s pretty small, depending on how in depth you look at things could take between 30 mins to an hour to look through. There’s a bazillion real specimens collected by a good doctor in there to teach you about parasites and how they relate to humans and animals. Some of it is bilingual, most of it is labelled in Japanese only but you get the gist of it with plenty of gruesome, informative photos XD

It’s a short ride away from western landmarks in Tokyo like Shibuya or The Pokemon Center (in fact that was my itinerary for that day LOL) and admission is free, though i encourage a donation or purchase from their gift shop to support them :D. I got a sweet shirt and a little parasite on a keychain, totes up my alley *u*

Idk I feel like staff is used to acting like teenagers and 20 year olds and they haven’t grown up professionally. They need to develop their professionalism and dedication along with their site or it will never grow.


Never has a statement been more true.

Site can go down for 8 hours and the excuse is literally that every one of the 31+ staff members were ASLEEP, including the one who is in the UK, where the downtime was during the day? Bullshit. It went damn near until NOON the next day, on a weekday… you’re telling me you sleep until NOON? Damn, life must be good!

You have a site owner who will blatantly ask users why they still play his game if they’re unhappy with something, doesn’t have the slightest clue what the players want..

You have him hiring staff members who are rude to the users, consistently.

Artists who blatantly rip-off/steal artwork then get pissed off when they’re caught at it?

Yep. Subeta. Best site ever.

*Posts in actuallydelusional tag*

Might as well list my delusions since this tag is a thing.

The whole fictionkin thing with Avatar: the Last Airbender, and why I got offended when Bryan Konietzko specifically said that the AtLA/LoK characters had become real to him and Mike “but not in a delusional way” while everyone else at the panel laughed. Basically me thinking I’m the Avatar (to feel less internalized ableism towards myself I will tell myself that I am so simply in another universe and that me brushes up against this me sometimes)

Also bending. Not counting any miracles God plans to do *crosses fingers* but just on my own. (I cannot tell you how many times seeing the leaves fall made me want to airbend just ugh and waterbending I try all the time when I think no one is looking and earthbending too. Even fire though of course nothing ever happens) And the Avatars from the show, and two separate sets of past and future Avatars from fanfics I’ve written (one on here, the other a drawer fic) all in my head…though I think that is dissociation related…

I’m always scared that birds want to poop on me. Even though I love animals, whenever one files over I cringe and cover my head

The constant fear of bugs turning up in my food…

Sometimes I feel I’m somewhere else and controlling my body remotely like a video game.

That’s all I can recall right now…

Man Found an Odd Mark on His Body. When It Grew, He Went to the Doctor & Got an Unnerving Diagnosis.

An Australian man on vacation received an unnerving diagnosis this week after going to the doctor following the discovery of a strange mark on his stomach.

According to an Australian news outlet, Dylan Thomas woke up to find a bizarre red mark on his stomach. When it grew a few inches, the 21-year-old went to the Bali International Medical Center.

An Australian man said doctors discovered a spider had crawled under his skin through a scar and was living in his body for three days. (Image source: Facebook)

“So according to the doctors over here I’ve come down with some mystery condition,” he wrote on Facebook, attaching a photo of the strange mark. “Tad scary.”

Then his condition worsened.

“That’s when it became painful, it was a searing burn,” he told the Australian outlet.

“That’s when it became painful, it was a searing burn.”


After some investigating, Thomas said the doctors finally solved the mystery: a spider had burrowed itself inside his body through an appendix scar and had been living under his skin for three days.

“Well after running tests and putting things inside my stomach they finally found out it was a tropical spider that’s been living inside of me for the last 3 days, managed to get it out luckily,” he wrote on Facebook. “Haven’t felt so violated in my life before! Just glad it’s all over.”

An Australian man said doctors discovered a spider had crawled under his skin through a scar and was living in his body for three days. (Image source: Facebook)

Thomas said that doctors removed the spider by making a small incision in his skin and pulling it out.

“[It] was disgusting,” he wrote on Facebook.