Holy shit how does one socialize again? aka Kalinga trip part II (Bontoc-Bugnay-Buscalan)

It was Friday, and it was noon, and we stretched our legs and flexed semi-numb butt muscles once we got off the bus (i had also dropped my wallet, which Whang young thankfully found. shit, what would have happened if she hadnt)

we went to the market to buy food to cook. Produce was somewhat scarce in Buscalan in between harvest seasons, dependent on what people brought up from Bontoc. Our hosts Kuya Charlie and Ate Tessie buy vegetables in Bontoc to sell among neighbors in Buscalan, and we had been advised to bring our own food to cook—and to share.

*canned food were welcome to be brought up by visitors but we decided against it because it would have weighed us down. we were not seasoned mountaineers/travelers :|

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