a Journey to RAPTURE (waking life)

Coming in with apprehension,
lovers discover comprehension,
leading me through my hearts basement,
Waking vengeful demons hatred and bigotry,
Now vanquished with lessons in empathy.

I learn that life is not a dream.
The ongoing “WOW” is happening right now.
We are all co-authors of this dancing exuberance
where even our inabilities are part of the roast.
This entire thing we’re involved with called the world,
is an opportunity to exhibit how exciting alienation can be.

Life is, a miracle, collected over time by moments,
flabbergasted to be in each other’s presence.
The world is an exam to see if we can rise into direct experience.
Our eyesight is here as a test to see if we can see beyond it.
Matter is here as a test for our curiosity.
Doubt is here as an exam for our vitality.

It is said that life overstood is life lived.
But the paradoxes bug me,
and I can learn to love and make love to the paradoxes that bug me.
And on really romantic evenings of self, I go dancing with my confusion.

Before you drift off, remember.
your demons are victorious when we do not dream.

I and I and You and 1,
bare, under discovered, untouched,
Our visions are ours to share and capture,
Our potential will be ours to realise and rapture.

Zayn Malik Misses One Direction Today Show Appearance; Matt Lauer Booed for Substance Abuse Inquiry

Zayn Malik Misses One Direction Today Show Appearance; Matt Lauer Booed for Substance Abuse Inquiry

One Direction was minus one key group member this morning.

During an appearance on The Today Show, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan sat across from Matt Lauer and answered questions about their new music, but not before Lauer asked about the whereabouts of Zayn Malik.

Payne said that Malik had a “tummy bugm so he’s not very well. We only found out this morning so…

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