Hibiscus or Cotton Harlequin Bugs - Tectocoris diophthalmus

The Cotton Harlequin Bug, Tectocoris diophthalmus (Hemiptera - Scutelleridae), is a large, brightly colored member of the Australian jewel bug fauna. The bug features iridescent blue patches on a bright orange background, and adults have an enlarged scutellum covering their entire dorsal surface. Males and females are different colors, with the females mostly orange and the males mostly blue-red. 

The Cotton Harlequin Bug feeds on many species belonging to the hibiscus plant family (Malvaceae), including ornamental hibiscus species and cotton. It feeds mostly on young shoots, piercing the stems and sucking the sugar-rich juices intended for shoot growth. 

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Photo credit: ©Scott Contini | Locality: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia (2014)


The Masked Devil heeded the call!

It’s a big cicada from south east Australia that spends 7 years as an underground nymph and about 6 weeks as an overground adult.

The Masked Devil is actually just one colour morph of Cyclochila australasiae. They can also be blue or brown or, more commonly, yellow or green.

The green ones are known as Green Grocers.

Is YOUR green grocer a devil in disguise?

…Images: sth475/Ian Sutton