She’s like a woman fighting for more than life. She fights like fighting is her life. It is the air she breathes, and she knows she will win because there is no alternative.


That’s it for season three! It’s a fave, I’m sad to see it go!

On to season 4, in which the kids (minus Xander) go to college, Riley becomes a thing, and Giles wears lots of sweaters!

Also, sidenote: this blog now has over 1000 followers, which is pretty wild! Thanks to everyone for being such sweet supportive weirdos, it’s almost like the internet is a nice place full of nice people! <3

My roommate Megan has just started watching Buffy for the first time. Here’s what I’ve gotten from her:

David Boreanaz is beautiful (she watched Bones all the time, which is why she didn’t watch Buffy until now, because it can be weird to watch actors in other shows)

Why can’t Cordelia be eaten by a vampire already?

she’s on Angel 1.07


So I wanted to make a post. I reached 2,000 followers which seems insane. And post these pics that I felt to awkward to post because they’re of myself. I started this blog in 2012 and I don’t have any fancy software for my posts. They’re pretty simple, sometimes i speak my mind. I’m here to keep my childhood hero alive. Buffy. I wanted to thank all of my followers for letting me be apart of their daily procrastination. I juggle finishing my Bachelors of Science Degree majoring in Enology, graduating this fall. And I know that science fiction/ Buffy/ Joss Whedon have always been a motivator for me- a female to be guided toward the hard sciences. Even though I’ll be a winemaker and major in the subject, I’ll always know more about Buffy. I’ve devoted myself to Buffy like it was a religion its a driving passion in my life, and has always been an escape. I’ve found many interesting fandoms through tumblr throughout the years, and I was thinking recently if I had never been exposed to Buffy and I was casually scrolling through gif sets… if I had come across even one that was about Buffy, one quote, one Scooby gang photo, a synopsis of Angel vs. Angelus, a gif of Spike looking at Buffy and doing the heat tilt thing- I’d be sold. The fandom spoke to me, and I’ve spent the past 13 years memorizing every aspect of this fandom, but I’d start all over again today if I had to. Life is scary sometimes, some days its too much. I can honestly say that I’m a strong person because of Buffy and I’m still here because of it. That’s a little dark to say and I know that tumblr can be a little guarded in its fandom communities, but I feel if there is someone out there whose looking for a place to escape or pull strength from. Than Buffy is for you.  Just because it started way back in 1994 doesn’t mean its not relevant. In fact it adds to its charm and you’ll be sucked into the town of Sunnydale, because that is the magic of Joss Whedon. So go be brave, watch Buffy… for me ( well really for you). Kay, just wanted to make a post that was personal, cause of the followers and I don’t plan on ever not having this blog. —(god I wish I still had my hair like that..)– yes the slayers scythe is mine eBay y’all! - its really heavy to wield tho. 

The very talented @strutzart finished my #Buffy commission and I woke up this morning to this beautiful piece of art! I was very detailed in my ask, especially since I will eventually have this inked onto my skin and he followed through with every detail! This is amazing! Thank you so much Jason! #BuffySummers #BuffytheVampireSlayer #btvs #JossWhedon #Whedonverse

the signs as campy buffy the vampire slayer episodes
  • Aries:The preachy one where everyone turns into cavemen because alcohol is evil
  • Taurus:The one where Xander gets seduced by a praying mantis
  • Gemini:The one where she works at McDonalds
  • Cancer:The one where Willow releases a demon into the internet and kinda sort of ends up dating him
  • Leo:The one where the adults eat candy bars that turn them into teenagers
  • Virgo:The one with two Xanders
  • Libra:The one with the invisible student who gets recruited by the FBI in the end
  • Scorpio:The one with the fucking hyenas
  • Sagittarius:The one where everything Willow says comes true and Buffy and Spike get engaged
  • Pisces:The ones where they become what they dressed up as for Halloween
  • Capricorn:The one with the terrifying sentient ventriloquist dummy
  • Aquarius:The Xander bottle episode where he single-handedly saves the school from a bomb