Servings: 4 Wraps
Prep Time: 15 minutes*
Total Time: 35 minutes

*Time may vary for chicken prep.


1 pound Skinless Boneless Chicken Breast
2 cups Shredded Lettuce
4 Large Mission Flour Tortillas
½ cups Goya Sofrito
½ cups Franks Buffalo Sauce
2 teaspoons extra-virgin olive oil
1½ tsp of Hellmans Canolia Oil Mayo
Non-Stick Butter Cooking Spray
1 Fresh Garlic Bulb
1 pinch Cayenne Pepper
1 pinch Ground Pepper
1 pinch Salt
1 packet of Goya Sazón
¼ cups Low-Fat Ranch/Blue Cheese Dressing (Optional)


1.) Slice chicken into strips & down into cubes.

2.) Combine the ½ cup of the Franks Buffalo sauce, & ½ cups of Sofrito, Sazón, cayenne pepper, black pepper, & salt in a bowl. Whisk to combine.

3.) Add the chicken & toss to coat. Cover the bowl & marinate in refrigerator for 30 min. or overnight.


1.) Peel garlic bulb & Chop cloces.

2.) Heat the olive oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat & sauté garlic cloves until slightly brown.

3.) Place the chicken in the pan; bring to slight boil. Reduce heat, cover & simmer for 10-12 minutes. (or until no longer pink) Stir often.

4.) Remove the pan from the heat & allow chicken to cool slightly.

5.) Heat up the tortillas in the oven or microwave & start crafting your wraps.

6.) Once tortillas are warmed, Spread 1½ tsp Canolia oil mayo & 1½ tsp of Sofrito onto the tortilla.

7.) In the center of the tortilla, Layer some lettuce, followed by the chicken topped with *½ tsp of lowfat blue cheese or ranch dressing (optional) & a few more drops of the buffalo sauce to kick it up a notch.

8.) Fold bottom third of each tortilla over filling; fold sides towards center. Tightly roll up diagonally to secure filling.

9.) Slice in half & enjoy.


Serving Size: 1 wrap
Servings Per Recipe: 4

Calories 273
Cholesterol 70 mg
Total Fat 11g
Saturated Fat 3g
Sodium. 453mg
Total Carbohydrate 15mg
Fiber 1g
Protein 28g