She was a very tall woman and she had a terrifying look. She had fierce eyes and harsh voice. Her tawny hair fell in great mass on her hips. About clothing, she dressed invariably a gold chain and a colorful tunic. All was covered by a thick cloak fixed by a brooch. While she was talking, she keep close a lance in order to terrorize anyone who looked at her.
—  Cassio Dione Cocceiano Storia Romana, 62, 2

Saturday my boy said to me one of the sweetest thing in the world.

We had to go to a fight (‘cause some fuckers beat him three times when he was lonely and drunk and we had to grind ‘em) and I thanked him ‘cause he didn’t say “I don’t want you to fight ‘cause you are a girl”

He said that he didn’t want me to fight ‘cause he didn’t want me to get hurt, but then he said "But we are like the Celts: they went into battle with their woman. You are like Boudicca"

It was so sweet and romantic **