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Hey! I'm not sure if this is okay to ask, if it's not just disregard me. I'm going to prom with my best friend/female crush on three weeks and I'm on a suuuppppeeerr right budget. My mom was flinching at $30 for a dress. Ideas/advice?

Hm. You could try thrift stores? or Craigslist? Or maybe asking around to any friends with older siblings, some of them might have old prom clothes that you could borrow.

Be super careful about buying anything off Craigslist, never meet at their house, always ask to meet somewhere public, always take someone with you.

-Lou the Lobster

Recipe of disaster

US House of Representatives approved the draft defense budget for 2016 fiscal year. The total volume of this project amounts to 612 billion dollars.
Unfortunately, the budget not only guarantees the involvement of the United States in even more wars and foreign interventions, but also provides a powerful blow to the US economy.
The neo-conservatives continue to insist that the US military budget is reduced under Barack Obama’s power, but it is not true.
The plan of the military budget for the next year leads the United States to the path of destruction of the economy, causing new outrage against the US interventionism abroad. This is the recipe of disaster.

Non-comprehensive advice for traveling inexpensively:

I’m redoing my FAQ, and am pulling together more resources for people who say they can’t afford to travel or that no one can afford to travel on minimum wage. I’ve even had people accuse me of lying when I say I’ve done it, but you don’t have to take it from me. I’m not the first to have done it, and I won’t be the last. If you’ve already decided that you can’t do it and that your excuses are unique and that no one else faces challenges but you, then you won’t. Or you can recognize that whether it’s traveling or something else you dream of, there’s always someone who has come from the same socioeconomic situation, had the same disadvantages or even greater ones, and who has already done it. It’s 2015, after all, shouldn’t we know that nothing is impossible by now? You also can read the rest of my FAQ here, although I’ll probably expand on it more later. 

Alternative accommodation:

Alternative transportation:

  • Apply for profession that allows you to travel as you work, such as on a cruise ship or as a flight attendant, and although less reliable/more difficult to secure for income, professions such as being journalist, travel writer or photographer, can provide the opportunity to blend work and travel. 
  • If you have the qualifications, or are willing to learn, you can sometimes crew a boat in exchange for passage. 
  • Hitchhike only if you feel comfortable, but even solo female travelers I know, have done so. 
  • Ride the rails, à la Mike Brodie and many others before him. It’s dangerous, it’s illegal, do so at your own risk. 
  • Live out of a van, RV, or other mode of transportation. There’s many resources for converting trucks for camping, such as this one
  • Pitch a tent. Depending on the country that you’re in, you can use resources like to find designated campsites, although many people will camp wherever they are welcome.
  • If you own a bike or can buy one, or can walk or run, people like Karl Bushby, Rosie Swale Pope, or Loretta Henderson, haven’t let lack of a motor, or even age, stop them from seeing the world.

Just a few articles for inspiration and other resources, there are so many more to discover, all at your fingertips: