Five Distinctive Non-Fashion Sneakers for $100 or Less 

2015 is a good time to like sneakers. Whether you’re into retro styles, designer takes on classic sports shoes, or the cutting-edge sure-to-make-you-run-faster technologies, you have your pick. No major player’s archives have been immune to reissuing, and Nike and Adidas continue to push the envelope in design and technology for lighter, better performing shoes. Interesting sneakers are also more broadly available than ever. Not a great thing for your classic sneakerhead, who today must compete with a global market, but great for the average guy who wants some new kicks.

In this case “distinctive” is totally subjective—it’s what I find interesting right now, and in general something that hasn’t been beaten into the ground by blogs and menswear periodicals, like Vans Authentics and Adidas Stan Smiths. And by non-fashion I mean not of a type with Martin Margiela’s German Army Trainers or Common Projects’ Achilles, two of the best-known luxury takes on classic designs (which you’re not going to find for $100, anyway). I’m talking shoes you can go buy right now and not bust your clothing budget for the next few months.

  1. Nike Lunar Internationalist ($59.99 on sale from $100 at Villa): A 1980s running shape updated with Nike’s Lunar sole, which is comfort tech but also adds a little modern design to potentially tired retro running shoes. 
  2. Converse/Polar CTS Pro ($64.99 at Active): A suede version of Converse’s skate performance chuck low. Uses Nike’s Lunar insole, so allegedly more comfortable and padded than standard chucks. 
  3. Vans Sk8-Hi ($89 at End): 80s skate shoes in clean monochrome white. A lot of these models are monochromatic, which I think is the looping back of the luxury brands making sport shoe silhouettes in toned down colors. 
  4. Adidas SL Loop runner ($75 at Urban Outfitters): Part of Adidas’ attempt to steal back some of Nike’s streetwear market share. Not quite backwards looking, but some echoes of Adidas’ 1990s Equipment line. The mocc version has gotten a lot of press but I like the runner. 
  5. Nike Blazer Hi ($90 at J. Crew): Straight retro of one of Nike’s earliest basketball shoes. I’ve always liked the blazer’s slightly goofy swoosh.


'Fight For Space' Documentary Closes In On Fundraising Goal With Just Two Days To Go

‘Fight For Space’ producers are approaching their fundraising goal to complete the film and release it this year. The film examines the state of America’s space program, its history and the outlook for the future. The documentary offers viewpoints from astronauts, scientists, politicians, former NASA officials, members of the private space industry and other members of the space community.

“Since the Apollo program, NASA’s budget has been shrinking along with it’s ability to complete ambitious goals,” a press release for the film said. “Fight for Space looks at why and how the space program came adrift, and will examine future plans from NASA and commercial entities.”

Read more about Fight For Space here: http://www.penny4nasa.org/2015/01/14/fight-for-space-launch-crowdfunding-campaign-to-finish-film/

Check out Fight For Space’s Kickstarter campaign today: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/420606009/fight-for-space-nasa-and-human-spaceflight-finishi

flowersshallopen asked:

Hey could you please tell me more about the low income and being a vegan such as what do you do for dairy and meat substitute as they can be very expensive and also what type of foods you buy sorry for asking such nosey questions

It will vary depending the country. Here substitutes are pretty expensive, I don’t like them that much but I do buy once in a while. For patties for example for burgers and such I make falafel that is made from chickpeas, 1 bag of chickpeas can make like 10 big patties, you can also make hummus. The recipe can be used with lentils as well, here is one example.

I make a lot of soups since they’re nutritious and fulfilling, I make my own milks at home, so I buy nuts in bulk, is cheaper and you don’t have to buy pre made milks that in many cases are expensive too. Here is the recipe for the milk.

And here are some other links with tips that may help you out as well :)

Obama announces $561 billion Pentagon budget, advocates say real budget more like $1 trillion

The White House will be seeking $561 billion from Congress to run the Pentagon in 2016 – its largest budget ever. However, a source told RT that the budget is actually closer to $1 trillion, and has been for several administrations.

“We continued to see record spending even though we’ve seen the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan wound down,” according to Stephen Miles, advocacy director, The Center for International Policy. “For the $523 billion dollars you have to tack on another $51 billion dollars to include the money we are continuing to spend in Afghanistan and some of the money we are spending in Iraq and Syria.”

A Dollar, A CommanDollar -- Oblivion Stone

Card: Oblivion Stone
3 — Artifact
" 4, T: Put a fate counter on target permanent.

5, T, Sacrifice Oblivion Stone: Destroy each nonland permanent without a fate counter on it, then remove all fate counters from all permanents.”

AVG Price: $10.42

Why it’s good: This is, in my book, the runner-up for being one of the most powerful cards in the deck I’m presenting you with this week. I’ve dropped hints about this deck being mono-red. I’ve dropped hints about the importance of artifacts and the ability to copy spells and whatnot. Now I’m showing you your strongest board-wipe.

Oblivion Stones ability is incredibly powerful. The ability to protect certain permanents while destroying others is a huge deal. You decide everybody’s fate. It is in your hands. 

Regram of Something a little different by @justchiken. I had never seen one of these in “the wild”. I remember when these came out, I came very close to getting one, but didn’t for some reason or another. I really likelike that. Anyone else remember these?
by affordablewristtime from Instagram http://ift.tt/1JQG0pv


My Expense Tracking System for 2015!

  • Receipts and colour-coding stickers in the left pocket,
  • Notepad to break down itemized receipts into seperate categories
  • Main calendar to record spending by budget category (the blank stickers on the bottom will have weekly totals in them)
  • The right flap is my colour-coding key with all my expense categories and sub-categories for reference.


  • Markings by C.R. Gibson Schedule Weekly Organizer from Walmart
  • Martha Stewart Home Office for Avery Removable Colour Coding Labels
  • Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Pens 

For Studying || This system could also be easily modified as a School Assignment/ Study Schedule Tracker with the colour coding for different classes and the subcategories for assignments and tests. 

Don’t look now, but the federal budget deficit is at its lowest level since Obama took office

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) announced on Monday that the federal government’s  budget deficit will shrink this year to its lowest level since President Barack Obama took office.

The CBO says the deficit will be $468 billion for the budget year that ends in September 2015, slightly less than FY2014’s $483 billion deficit. As a share of the economy, CBO says this year’s deficit will be slightly below the historical average of the past 50 years.

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Don't u think it's kinda costy to be vegan

That will depend entirely on each person and the way they’re planning to eat. Eating a mostly organic diet is more expensive in some parts of the world. Many others rely on substitutes for meat and cheese. Here where I live there is only one supermarket that offers brands like Daiya or Follow your Heart which are dairy alternatives and they’re expensive. 

I don’t consume much processed foods and is has become cheaper than when I ate animal products. Here are a couple of links that can help to save some money ;)