The location of the truth of the Great Perfection is the unfabricated mind of the present moment, this naked radiant awareness itself, not a hair of which has been forced into relaxation. Maintaining this at all times, just through not forgetting it even in the states of eating, sleeping, walking, and sitting, is called meditation. However, until you are free from the obscurations of cognition, it is impossible for this not to be mixed with the experiences of bliss, clarity, and non-conceptualisation. Nevertheless, just by not forgetting the nature of one’s own awareness — the kind that is not a tangled mindfulness that gets more tangled in order to be mindful — at some point the unelaborated ultimate truth, transcending terms and examples, will appear.

— Jigme Lingpa

Day 3

This quote makes me realise how much we should believe in ourselves and how we can actually turn our dreams into reality. When fairytales say “If you believe hard enough, it will come true” there is some sense in it…if you believe in yourself and work hard enough, you can achieve what you want to. But no one gets anywhere by not doing anything.

"Not having enough time" and "having little time left" mean two different things and give different feelings. If you feel like you don’t have enough time, you will rush; you will hurry; you will try to get as many things done at once. But if you feel like you have little time left, you will do the most important thing first; you won’t procrastinate; you won’t postpone. But most importantly, you will do one thing at a time.
—  Buddha

Please fire me. My boss yelled at me for “showing religious affiliations in the workplace.” She did not say anything to my coworker who was wearing a cross, had cross earrings and a cross tattooed on her arm. I wore a pentacle.

There’s something singularly awesome about this pair of Buddhist monks caught on camera taking a break from their meditative labors in order to play a quick round of Quidditch somewhere in Thailand last summer.

Phuket News reported that members of Thailand’s National Office of Buddhism (NOB) were not the least bit entertained:

"Although their attempt to imitate Harry Potter was probably a passing moment of silliness and not a rite of dark sorcery, others were Not Amused.
NOB Director Nopparat Benjawattananan said today (July 10) that the monks in the widely shared photo acted inappropriately and lack discipline. The organization will identify them, he said; they deserve punishment.”

Here’s hoping the playful pair either got away with this moment of whimsy or were able to escape punishment by flying off on their brooms.

[via Neatorama]