Chakra Orbs Plants/Animals


Top Three Chakras: Animal (Spirit, Mind)

  • Crown- Animals always have connection 
  • Brow- Animals have uncanny intuition
  • Throat- Animals never lie

Bottom Three Chakras: Plants (Life, Body)

  • Root- Plants always have roots
  • Sacral- Plants have a plethora of seeds
  • Core- Plants grow out and up

 Together Create Heart Chakra.

The Holy Trinity. 


Sometimes it can be very productive, especially in a difficult situation, to actually switch perspectives and see from the other person’s point of view. What does the situation look like to them? This switch in perspective is the basis for developing empathy and is the essence of awakened heart and mind.
—  David Nichtern


A study has found that counting breaths has a positive affect on making participants be more mindful, a practice that is being incorporated into classrooms at University of Wisconsin.

The new study published in Frontiers in Psychology coming from the Waisman Laboratory for Brain Imaging and Behavior shows the positive effects counting breaths can have on the mind and body. It’s entitled, “A Mind You Can Count On: Validating Breath Counting as a Behavioral Measure of Mindfulness.”

Daniel Levinson, a graduate student at the Waisman Lab and lead author of the paper, said he came up with the idea through video games.

“Part of my research was to try to come up with a game … by playing it, you’d become more mindful,” Levinson said.

The study involves participants pushing a button on a computer each time they take a breath, causing them to be more aware of their breaths.

In addition to the game helping a person become more mindful, it also measures mindfulness, which is the more dominant part of the study, Levinson said.

“In four independent studies with over 400 total participants, we present the first construct validation of a behavioral measure of mindfulness: breath counting. We found it was reliable, correlated with self-reported mindfulness, differentiated long-term meditators from age-matched controls and was distinct from sustained attention and working memory measures,” Levinson said.

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Spiritual Bankruptcy

'We all carry hurt within us. It is not possible to have gone through life without getting buffeted. The hurt we carry is fuel. It is one of the essential conditions for a fire. When a person, or a whole community, is spiritually impoverished, this fuel is stored up. It then becomes tinder dry.The potential for fire to get out of control is then great. This is when wars start. I asked an acquaintance from Sarajevo why he thought the civil war there broke out. He said: 'Boredom.' He meant that people's lives had ceased to be purposeful and war gave them a sense of direction. People sometimes fear that religion causes wars but, although religion, patriotism, self-interest, history and many other things may be invoked by war mongers, the real root of war is spiritual bankruptcy.'

- David Brazier, The Feeling Buddha.

There is a kind of nondual state of confusion that goes on throughout all life. Experience comes out of that and dissipates back into it. Energies arise and emotions appear. It all takes place within this one all-pervasive state of confused being. It is very important for us to realize this background as the basic ground of everything and to understand how it arises or does not arise. It seems to be a big, gigantic state of BLAH.  

Unless you have some glimpse of this level of basic ignorance, you cannot have a glimpse of the rest. From this point of view, maybe finding the worst aspect of oneself is the first glimpse of the possibility of being better.

—  Chogyam Trungpa