Alot of people listen to music while at the gym..I’m one of them. But lately I’ve been listening to my #audible app! The audio book I’m currently listening to is #BuddhasBrain great book! Cultivate your happiness be empathetic to others! And separate yourself from the desires of the world therefore finding contentment with life itself. #Enlightenment (at 24 Hour Fitness)

Currently Reading


I am currently reading this book, and it is definitely amazing! Bad things happen every day, and me, being slightly impulsive at times (lol) found this book to be very enlightening and refreshing.

The brain is such a complex organ and being able to understand my own brain enables me to understand and control my mind and my thoughts.  

It is a must read for people interested in learning more about the brain and the actual science and psychology behind how happiness, love, and wisdom affect the brain. 

In Terms, It’s Not About You. It Never Was. It’s About The Person Next To You. #Shantideva #Einstein #BuddhasBrain They always said, if you want to hide something from a black man…put it in a book. That’s the most accurate truth in this life. But it’s all a choice. Enlighten Yourself EVERYDAY.