favorite comic character meme ≻ [1 of 5] issues - the saddest. 
         ➥ Who the hell is Bucky?” [And at that moment… I’m praying that I killed Leo… But no. He even laughs as S.H.I.E.L.D. doctors save his life. And once we get Natasha back to the helicarrier, we find out exactly what he thinks is so funny. They work on her for days, rebuilding synaptic bridges in her mind. And at first, it seems like a success. She remembers defecting from Russia… remembers being an Avenger… remembers working for S.H.I.E.L.D… she remembers everything… Everything except me. That’s the only strand of her memory that’s been permanently severed. And that’s how I feel… cut loose. And that’s Leo’s final move. Even though he’ll spend the rest of his life in solitary on The Raft, he still wins. I try to imagine my life without her, and all I see is pain and heartbreak. But at least I’ll be the only one feeling it. I take solace in that thought… and hold on to it for as long as I can. But it won’t be long enough.] “She’s had her head messed with enough for ten lifetimes already. I won’t let it happen again on my account. All I’ve ever brought her is trouble… nearly got her killed at the Red Room when we first met… She’s better off without me. // WINTER SOLDIER (2012) #14


favorite comic character meme ≻ [2 of 3] emotions/feelings. 
         ➥ “One afternoon off in a whole month, and we get this?” “Oh come on, you fought the Nazis, James, don’t go whining about a little rain.” “If I have to compare everything to fighting Nazis, I won’t get to complain about anything.” “I like the rain… the way it sounds on the umbrella… the way the air feels…” “Man… you are such a girl sometimes.” “You say that like it’s a bad thing.” “It isn’t… believe me…” // WINTER SOLDIER (2012) #10


The hardest thing to do as an actor is to act without dialogue and Sebastian Stan did such an incredible job with this character, give him so much life and complexity and texture without a lot of dialogue. – Anthony Russo

He conveyed incredible menace just through movement for a good 60 minutes in the movie. And that is the hardest job in acting. It’s always very difficult to convey emotion without speaking. – Joe Russo

– Captain America: The Winter Soldier Directors’ and Writers’ Audio Commentary