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Imagine Bucky, Tony, & Steve are in a relationship, but the others don't know about it. Some of the team thinks Tony & Steve are together but one is having an affair w/Bucky, some think Tony & Bucky are together but one is having an affair w/Steve, & some think Steve & Bucky are together but one is having an affair w/Tony (you get the idea). This leads to a lot of hilarious misunderstandings & some very protective teammates, as well as everyone 'picking sides'. Bonus if even Fury gets involved.

Steve understood why the rest of the team thought an intervention was needed, even if it seemed like a comedy of errors. He would never cheat on Tony or Bucky, and he knew his partners would never do so to him either. Despite Tony’s playboy reputation, he’d settled down with the pair of them and seemed content to do so; even though Steve had been hesitation and cautious at first, he’d never seen the man’s eyes wander. Besides that, he truly couldn’t understand why anyone would doubt the loyalty that had lasted a century between Bucky and himself. Natasha had been the one to call them all together and the yelling was almost more than Steve could take; he’d honestly worried about Bruce Hulking out because of the high tensions. “Natasha, please,” Steve tried to reason with her, “I would never ch-”

The red head didn’t even give him time to respond. “Have you ever heard the phrase ‘actions speak louder than words’?” She asked sharply, one eyebrow raised fiercely, “I saw you kissing Tony last week after our mission.”

“Aren’t Steve and Tony dating?” Clint asked, sounding bewildered, “What does Bucky have to do with anything?”

Oh for the love of-

Steve grabbed Bucky by the front of his shirt and hauled him in for a kiss; a moment later he did the same to Tony. When he turned back to Natasha, the other two shared a lazy kiss. “Actions speak louder than words, right? There’s no cheating going on.”


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I want to do a sequel to Ora Pro Nobis, the fic I did for Buckynat week.  I have a million other things to do so I don’t know if I’ll get to it anytime soon, but in my tedious grinding through the facepunch update, and in occasional moments of downtime at work, I’ve managed to splort out some noodly bits. This is getting posted on its own, here, a Tumblr exclusive courtesy of it’s ass-o-clock on a sunday and I worked my ass off all weekend and don’t really feel like i have anything to show for it. So here’s this instead. 

Bucky and Natasha collaborate on a mission; Bucky provides the distraction. In the aftermath of the mission, he continues his wooing of Natasha’s cat, who is putty in his hands. 

Warnings: dancing. And it’s sort of silly. But I’m aiming for bittersweet, with the whole story. 

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tbh it was a bunch of straight sex scenes (there were like 3 and they were all gratuitous as shit) fiona spending time w mayo man #3 mickey and debbie “killing” sammi w unneccessary nudity there agaIN most of the episode was of frank and that chick w cancer kev and v are back together but i don’t care????

the only highlight was a scene w monica visiting ian and that was like a minute long lmao but yeah he ran off w monica at the end so