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Imagine Bucky and Darcy having a ridiculous pickup line competition.

The first time it happens, Steve’s just gotten back from a mission with Bucky and he’s exhausted and filthy and thinking mostly of the nice hot shower awaiting him upstairs. He’s too tired to really care when Darcy strolls past them in the tower lobby, pivots, and fixes Bucky with an appraising look: “Hey there, gorgeous. Do you believe in love at first sight? Or do you need me to walk past again?”

Darcy,” Jane hisses in her friend’s ear. “That’s Bucky Barnes and you’ve already met each other. Don’t mind us,” she adds at listener-friendly volume, smiling mechanically as she pulls Darcy back towards the door.


There are a lot of seats in the common room of the Avengers Tower. Steve is vaguely aware of this in general, but he’s more aware of it than ever on the day he walks in to find Darcy sitting in Bucky’s

"Hi," she says blithely when the two of them walk in, and her mischievous grin confirms Steve’s suspicion that the seat theft is no accident.

Bucky stops in his tracks. “Excuse me, are you lost?” he calls out across the room, and Steve grimaces. Bucky can be territorial at times, and it’s not as if Darcy - “Because you’re an awful long way from heaven, doll.”

 Well then. Never mind.


"I think there’s something wrong with my eyes!" yelps Darcy over dinner one evening. It’s a near miss, but Steve doesn’t take the bait. The sparkle in Darcy’s eyes is just a little too bright. 

Others are less fortunate. “What’s the matter?” asks Pepper, leaning forward in her seat and looking genuinely concerned. 

"I…I can’t take them off him!" Darcy is leaning forward too, but her gaze is on Bucky, sweeping him up and down with lecherous intent.

"You’ll be fine," says Bucky, while Pepper chokes on her mouthful. "I just hope you know CPR, ‘cause you’re taking my breath away right now."

"Guys," says Steve.

"Oh yeah? Do your legs hurt too? Because you’ve been running through my mind all day."

"Well, fancy that. And here’s me been wondering what a nice girl like you’s doing in a dirty mind like mine…"


Two very smug faces turn on Steve. Neither of them looks even the slightest bit ashamed of themselves. “Just…get a room,” he says, putting on his sternest face and trying not to let the amusement show through it.

For a moment, Bucky seems to consider this. “Well…alright,” he says at last, syllables long and drawn-out like he’s still not quite sure about them. “But…you’ll have to draw me a map, Steve -“

"Oh, for crying out - Bucky, don’t -“

”- in case I get lost in her eyes on the way.”

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This place will be dedicated to the character Bucky where he’s either hurt, sick or in need of emotional comfort. Do you also want more of Bucky being take care of? Or just can’t get enough of seeing your favourite character bloody and broken? Then come join us, because this will be the the place for you \(◕‿◕✿)/


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You and Mr. Barnes - Chapter 20

Chapter Eighteen

Chapter Nineteen

Hey guys! New chapter here, all done up nicely. I think I like writing domestic Bucky the best because it’s nothing he’s used to and cuteness is always a possibility. I don’t know, I’ll probably write a bunch of one-shots with Bucky helping Reader babysit for a friend or play with a kitten or puppy or cook or something). 


While waiting for Bucky, you did everything from write out a shopping list, to finish a book, to read the paper front to back. Still your champion was in the Smithsonian. Worry about him entered your mind. When you had last seen Bucky staring at his display, he was in a sort of trance. It made you pity him that he couldn’t remember much of anything, and anger set in at HYDRA for using him, for hurting him throughout the years.

As much as you wanted to get up and check on him, you couldn’t. You promised you would stay put. Bucky was liable to panic if you did, and you couldn’t make him feel like HYDRA had found you or someone had taken you.

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Hey there! I just wanted to send a message (now that I can) to give a shout of love to all the submitters and writers who have contributed to adding more Bucky/Clint posts (both friendship and romantic) lately, because finding out that my rare ship is less rare than I thought is just so awesome, so thank you! (Also on the topic, I was just curious if you guys were planning to in any way join that winterhawk week thing this month now that you're reopened...? because that would also be awesome)

thank you anon!! we are happy to write bucky/clint and i know we have a few more prompts for it in our inbox right now ♥ i didn’t know about winterhawk week, but we’d be happy to promo it at least for sure if someone could send a link my way? what we could probably do is publish the bucky/clint prompts we get that week right away instead of queuing them. whether or not we write anything specifically for it will probably depend on which mods are interested and how busy they are.


92 things

I was tagged by chiefripley to answer these here 92 questions about myself, which is a lot of questions, but I’m up for it. Thanks for tagging me, I love getting tagged to do things, it makes me feel special.


EDIT: A note after having finished said questions…easily the best part of answering the questions is taking the time to go through and read the previous person’s answers. It was nice getting to know you better chiefripley! Also, it was really 90 questions because 49 and 57 are inexplicably missing.

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 92 truths about you. at the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you.

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