How I feel at least once a day, mostly more, when I see a picture of Tom Hiddleston.

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You could hear the shrieks of women, the wailing of infants, and the shouting of men; […] there were [people] who prayed for death in their terror of dying. Many besought the aid of the gods, but still more imagined there were no gods left, and that the universe was plunged into eternal darkness for evermore. […] I could boast that not a groan or cry of fear escaped me in these perils, but I admit that I derived some poor consolation in my mortal lot from the belief that the whole world was dying with me and I with it." Letters to Cornelius Tacitus from Pliny the Younger

Mount Vesuvius erupted in AD 79, and lasted two days. Seventeen years earlier a powerful earthquake marking the awakening of the volcano, caused destructions in the surrounding areas. Mount Vesuvius erupted releasing large amounts of ash and afterwards a deadly cloud of volcanic gas, stones and fumes to a height of thirty-three kilometres. Ejecting molten rock and pulverized pumice at the rate of 1.5 million tons per second, it released a hundred thousand times the thermal energy of the Hiroshima bomb. The whole town of Pompeii along with its citizens were buried underneath twenty-five metres of tephra and pyroclastic surge within six hours. An estimated 16,000 people died, the main cause being heat and ash suffocation. [ sources x x x pictures by me ]

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I’M KIND OF SCARED FOR ALL THE AVENGERS. Steve in particular but also ALL THE AVENGERS oh no Bruce oh no Nat oh no Thor oh no Clint. ig you too Tony but this is your fault.

SAME and theyre alone in most of these scenes like please no?? stay together, have none of you ever seen a horror film STAY TOGETHER

  • natasha:i nominate steve rogers to do the ice bucket challenge
  • bucky:nat he did the ice bucket challenge for like 70 years
  • steve:[looks directly into the camera like he’s on the office]