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Chapter Update for Winter Amaranthine! Ch 7: Incubus is now up.

A chance encounter with the Winter Soldier evolves into something more- but love has no foundation without history. And how can history exist without memory?


Man, I feel horrible for not posting this earlier. It’s been months…?? Anyhoo, IT’S UP AND YAY YOU CAN READ IT. 

I am working on this story again. I had an epiphany after watching an episode of Prey with my older sister, and now inspiration is raining on me like a mental hurricane. It’s an interesting feeling. 

Based on RPs between SHIELDMedic and InsurgentTerror

Ship Name: BuckAnne

To introduce the man into the modern day world, Roxanne takes Bucky out for a walk. It was a bright and sunny day, and the pair were in need of sunglasses. They stop in a nearby store to pick out the soldier’s first pair.

Another BuckAnne picture. The previous one here.

I really hate doing backgrounds, but I pushed myself. And it turned out like shit.

Beneath the Surface

Summary: Spencer Reid is an FBI agent, slightly nerdy, physically weak and an all around good guy, but is he really what he appears to be? When a new agents arrives at the BAU secrets are revealed about the young genius that his team would not believe to be true.
Rated: T
Trigger Warnings: Panic/Anxiety attacks and torture
Multi chapter: Yes

Chapter 2: Old Friends

“Damnit” JJ muttered checking her phone and laptop, “We’ve lost wireless” she announced
“How?” Rossi asked, as all the agents check their electronic devices
“Plane interference, we’ve left a hotspot, lots of things could’ve caused it” Reid said leafing through the files on the victims. all the agents nodded.
“I guess I can’t do anymore” Garcia sighed sitting back in the chair, Hotch had asked her to come along on the case as Talia had a sleep over that night, and also for her to get to know Amanda along with the rest of the team
“I guess we’ll have to hit the ground running” Amanda suggested
“We will” Hotch agreed, “Garcia and myself will head to the station, Kate and JJ can head to the latest scene, and Reid, Rossi, and Amanda can head to the coroner” All agents nodded in agreement as the plane descended into Miami.

Reid, Rossi and Amanda entered the coroner’s office seeing Lily McKay’s body covered in a sheet, Rossi went to check under the sheet, “No defensive wounds, heck there’s not a scratch on her except for the gunshot in her forehead” He sighed
“Do you have the make of the bullet yet?” Reid asked
“We do” The coroner handed Amanda a file, she read through it “Soviet slug, no rifflings” She said “That helps” She mumbled sarcastically sharing a knowing look with Spencer behind Rossi’s back.
“We’ll tell Hotch when we get back, our phones are still out” Rossi said turning around to face the two young agents who nodded in agreement.

Hotch and Garcia entered the Miami Police station
“Agents thank you for coming down, there’s more I hope, I mean I’m guessing.” An officer walked up to them
“There is” Hotch nodded, “I’m Agent Hotchner, this is Penelope Garcia our technical analysts the rest of our agents are already in the field, I understand you’re experiencing trouble with your cell and wireless towers”
“We are” The officer nodded. “I’m Deputy Jones by the way, Sheriff Morley is in her office, we’re extremely grateful for your help”
“It’s what we do” Garcia smiled shaking the deputy’s hand

“So Lily was walking to work like she does everyday" JJ mused going through the events before Lily was shot and killed
“Except she got killed, I don’t count that as ordinary” Kate smirked
“Me neither” JJ agreed
“She was about here” Kate stood in the middle of the sidewalk, “When she was shot.”
“And the shot came from what we’re guessing is one of those three buildings” JJ pointed across the street at three tall towers, “Forensics  is up there now searching ever building for any sign of evidence to help us track this guy, the only thing we have connecting them is the bullet type but it’s not traceable” JJ let out a sigh of frustration, this was going to be a tough one.

“Sir, the FBI is after us I told you if we took out to many we’d draw unwanted attention to ourselves” A red head narrowed her eyes at the dark skinned man on the screen of her laptop
“We’ll handle that, plus you two cut power to all the cell and wireless towers, you need to complete the mission, you have two more targets each, I want them eliminated in 48 hours got that” The man on the screen answered coldly
“Yes sir” The man behind the red head replied just as coldly
“I’ll have you two back on the carrier in three days” The man on the screen nodded curtly before the the call was terminated and the two in the room pulled out two matching sniper riffles and multiple maps and files, on four people, all files had either what seemed to be a skull with tentacles insignia or an eagle insignia.

‘You’re sure you have them Kane.’ The chat box was opened on a laptop screen.
‘I’m positive, I can provide anonymous evidence on them.’ the sound of fingers on a keyboard rang through the room along with the sound of the fan on the ceiling of the warm, hot floridian apartment.
‘Make sure it’s anonymous, you know the consequences if you get caught we’ll just have to see whack one of us catches you first.’ A nervous gulp was heard from the man at the laptop.
‘I know, I won’t fail you.’
‘You better not, your superior is watching you, and if you mess up, they will eliminate you.’ The man let out a nervous breath, he had only joined this organization because of their incentive program he didn’t want to be eliminated also know as being killed.
‘I understand’ he ended the conversation as he ended all conversations with his employers just before his laptop was shut down
‘Hail Hydra.’

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Guys! Are you and your lady the sweetest in the tower? Why?

Sam: You are seriously trying to start a fight among them, aren’t you?

Bucky: I think we are. Tracey’s one of the sweetest girls, she also will make random deserts or something for everyone. And I think I treat Tracey great. 

Steve: Yeah, but Sharon and I may tease each other, but we care a lot about each other. 

Clint: Hey! Let’s not forget about Tasha’s and my history. We’ve been through more than you two and your girls. 

Barry: Hey, I take Darcy on plenty of dates and surprise her as much as I can. You can’t beat that.

Thor: Yes, but Jane takes time to teach me all she knows of what she studies an-

Maria: You have started a war in here. 


So I was bored and found a website where you can make fake text messages and I created a couple based on what I think daily life at the tower is like.

1: Tracey isn’t too happy with what she found when she got home from work. 

2: Bucky’s most likely going to kill Tony if he upgrades his arm again.

(Clearly I have no life and couldn’t find anything else to entertain myself with…)

Which story to update?

Hey, loves! Should I continue my Barneswald Emotions ficlets, update And You Shall Be His Queen, update one of my Bucky x oc fics on ao3, or work on prompts?

Oh, and please do not hesitate to message me and leave me prompts! It might take me a bit to get them out (holidays and hubby’s health got me a wee distracted) but I tend to start them immediately :P

Two sisters - one beside Captain America, searching for the Winter Soldier, the other one seeking him in the name of HYDRA (BuckyXoc & SteveXoc)

I would be sooo happy if some of you would read my FanFic. It’s Bucky x Oc and Steve x Oc. English is not my mother tongue, so if you got any wrong expressions or words, just write me a comment oder via tumblr. That would help me a lot. I also wrote the FF in my mother tongue german, if you want. Thank you guys! :-)

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To all the avengers: what's the most dirty thing you've ever done? EVERYONE has to answer.

I had Tracey tied to the bed once. 

Nat and I had sex in a changing room. 

Steve and I have used whip cream before.

Thor and I once had sex in a pool. 

Tony and I made a sex tape once. 

Sex on the beach with Darcy.

Bruce likes to use whip cream.

Xxsmut warningxX

“Pushing his face away, enjoying the panted whimper that escaped him she grabbed hold of his belt. No words were said as she pulled him to her room and proceeded where she left off. The belt. Then the pants. Of course he didn’t wear anything underneath. Commando. Hold the wheel, Jesus, cause she’d about to sin.

She wanted to look, to enjoy all of the pure sinfully sexy man but he was just as fast and needy as she was. His skill surprised her, but she knew now that something’s were buried deep in him. Apparently, like getting a girl naked and hot.”

Buck Barnes X OC

 "His hands had flown up, ready to fight, but there had been something that stopped him. Not necessarily a memory, but rather a conscious feeling of rightness.

She kissed him gently and his mind, for the first time in his life (what he remembered of it), had been clear of thought. There was only feeling and it was… new. He wanted to embrace her; a craving he did not know existed inside his black heart.“ 

[Bucky Barnes/OC]

Chapter one

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Ladies, cute things your men do? Men, adorable quirks your ladies do?

Bucky: The face Tracey makes when she’s thinking or working.

Tracey: It’s kinda mean to say this, but whenever Bucky’s sad he looks like a puppy. 

Barry: Darcy singing and dancing around our floor. 

Darcy: The voices Barry does at times. 

Sharon: Whenever Steve gets into one of his drawing moods I will sometimes catch him looking over at me as he’s drawing.

Steve: Sharon curling up in a blanket and watching Disney movies on weekends.

Pepper: Whenever I comfort Tony I usually hold him and he’ll just lay his head on me. 

Tony: Seeing Pepper wearing my shirts and a pair of baggy sweatpants on her days off. It’s different from her usual business get up, but it’s adorable.

Bruce: Betty falling asleep in front of her work. 

Betty: Whenever Bruce gets so far gone in his work he’ll have a distant look in his eyes and won’t come out of his trance until he’s done. Or I usually just kiss him on the cheek.

Thor: I think it is cute when Jane rambles about her work. She is so passionate about what she does.

Jane: Thor just being polite. He always apologizes even if it’s not his fault.

Clint: Tasha making a pillow fort in the living room when she’s bored. 

Natasha: If I’m sitting on the couch or bed, Clint will come along and just sit down then lay his head on my lap. He usually falls asleep if I run my hands through his hair.

“Nella, I want you to meet James Barnes…” Nina gestured between the two, stepping back next to Steve as she watched them interact for the first time.
“It’s a pleasure to meet you Nella.” Bucky offered his hand, the flesh one, and she accepted with a smile, the brunette shaking his hand sweetly.
“It’s nice to meet you too James,” Nella spoke. “Nina told me a lot about you.”