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Imagine the rest of the Team taking Bucky people watching and him having moments of "Oh no they're hot" while trying to socialize.

Bucky is attracted to everyone.

It’s not an exaggeration. Well, barely. Bucky has always been flirtatious, and in the 21st century he’s gotten worse - or better, depending on your perspective. With the Hydra programming out of his system (more or less) he’s as gregarious as ever, and there’s always time in his schedule for a nice quiet drink with…anyone who’ll have him, really.

Which is a pretty large number of people. Bucky is extraordinarily good at being charming when he wants to be.

"Do all these people know about each other?” asks Sam incredulously, once Bucky has departed to pick up his evening’s date - an old friend of Pepper’s, tall and plump and rosy-cheeked, who is apparently an avid fan of musicals (Bucky has spent the past week watching Wicked recordings on YouTube). 

"Yep." Steve doesn’t have to ask, doesn’t even have to think about it - honesty has always been Bucky’s strict policy, since long before lifestyles like his were ever spoken about in public. "He’s not…he cares about the people he’s seeing, Sam. All of them." Steve shrugs. "Personally, I’ve never understood how he can remember so many names, let alone that many meaningful bonds, but…well, somehow he does it.”

Sam looks pensive. “Do you think,” he says slowly, chewing on his words, “I don’t know if it’s weird but…what if I asked Bucky for a drink sometime? Seems like it’d be a good experience, you know?” He gives Steve an embarrassed little grin. “I mean, there’s gotta be a reason he’s so popular, right?”

It’s another question Steve doesn’t have to think about. “Sam, I guarantee that a date with you will make Bucky’s day.”


It does.

steve/bucky, regency au

happy faux-historical fluffiness inspired by this wonderful idea and photoset | rated T atm | arranged marriage, british lords, pre-serum steve, bucky barnes is a rakish young gentleman

“Such news,” Lady Sarah Rogers exclaims, reaching for his hand and gripping it, transmitting her excitement. “Such news as we have dreamt for in our hardship. Oh, Steve, beyond a dream!” She brandishes the paper. “Lord Barnes has made an offer for you past all hopes. With his generosity we can afford to keep the estate intact, and all our staff with us, and their children, and their children’s children.”

"Lord Barnes?"

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imagine steve admitting he's in love with bucky because he thought bucky was asleep

It’s colder than Satan’s heart in Brooklyn that winter. Everyone’s swaddled like newborns if they have to leave their homes for more than a few seconds. It’s bitter and biting, the kind of cold that rejoices in its own power. It never lasts long, a few weeks at best, but you remember it for the rest of your days.

These are the winters that Steve dreads. He keeps himself cloistered away for most of it, for all the good that does. Their apartment building is insulated with tissue paper and cotton balls. He wanders from the bedroom to the bathroom wrapped in his comforter, feet slipping under three layers of socks. His teeth still chatter and clank together.

But all that is nothing compared to the guilt he feels when Bucky walks in with a new blanket, or a hat that a kindly neighbor hand made for him, or a warm water bottle. “C’mon Stevie,” he says. “The whole city’s an ice block, no sense in joining it.” 

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"I’m with you to the end of the line." Steve Roger and Bucky Barnes, Captain America: The Winter Soldier

So this has been making me crazy, as I have seen many different spellings in fanfics, merchandise, blogs, etc.

So…I decided to analyze the source. Per the closed captions (screen caps above) and close listening, it’s not ‘til, till, or ‘till. The answer is “to.”

"To the end of the line."

Bucky sometimes has Bad Days in which the best cure would be to burrito himself in a blanket that Steve has used and veg out on the couch with movies.

On one such Bad Day, Bucky looks up to find Steve, who is not doing so well himself. Wordlessly, Bucky temporarily uncurls his blanket burrito so Steve can join him.

"Love you, punk," is whispered into soft dandelion floof hair while Bucky gets a "Right back ‘atcha, jerk" in return.

The Double Captain and Sergeant Burrito cuddle back into their couch to watch “Ladyhawke” while they wait out the Bad Day together.


Blanket Fort Headcanon

Personally, today was a Sick Day for me though. Thinking about 90 something adorkable burrito boyfriends help make me feel better though.


it’s like grand central station in here: a mix for “4 minute window’”by cesperanza [L I S T E N]

"I can’t get near you. You’ve got agents on you at all times, plus bugs in your apartment and a tracker on your bike." Steve felt rage rising up in him—how dare they, who the hell did they think they—and Bucky’s gloved hand landed on his arm. "It’s me." Bucky’s mouth twisted unhappily. "It’s me they’re trying to protect you from." 

i.  eventually we find our way- trent reznor & atticus ross

"Act normal," Bucky told him. "We’re being watched by one, two—at least three agents."

ii. flicker- lorde

Steve didn’t pay a lot of attention to his environment—he walked around in a bubble, separate and a little lost. It worked the other way, too: Steve should have been a conspicuous figure, six foot two and handsome as he was, but the eye sort of slid over him; people walked around him like he wasn’t there, didn’t exist.

One ghost would attract another, she thought.

iii. bahnhof rumble- the chemical brothers

"I want that picture," she told the guard. "Get me a printout of that," and then she was opening a secure line to the team and giving the order, "Bring it down to a four minute window.  Rogers goes off the grid for more than four minutes, I want to know about it—and I want a team standing by, armed and ready to take the Winter Soldier down."   

iv. kiss and swallow- iamx

"I need you," Natasha said into her phone, and twenty minutes later there was a knock on her door and he was there.

v. lurk- the neighbourhood

There was something about being in New York, though: he felt it the second he stepped onto the platform at Penn. Above him, paint peeled away from rusted girders that had been there long before he’d gone into the ice, and he realized with a start that he felt competent again, and confident; Bucky’d given them the home field advantage.

vi. the gentle hum of anxiety- trent reznor & atticus ross

"He’ll come to you," Barton said flatly. "If he hasn’t already. Has he?"

Steve was ready with a question of his own. “This job of yours—it’s me, isn’t it,” and Barton’s poker face was much, much better than his, but no matter. “It’s all right,” he told Barton, and meant it.  “I understand. Really I do.”

vii. bloodsport- sneaker pimps

"I looked for you," Steve muttered over his shoulder. "I looked everywhere for you.”

Bucky’s mouth was almost on his ear.  “I know,” he said. “I was watching. I wanted to see how you were.”

They rode along in silence for a minute.

"Turns out there’s lots of people watching you," Bucky muttered.

viii. black noise- nine inch nails

"I’m telling you, it’s best if Steve never finds him," Natasha said. "It’s best if Barnes just goes away."

ix. stop me- natalia kills

Compared to that maze, Grand Central’s layout was simple.

The only tricky part was that Bucky’d directed him to maps from three different years, and he realized that Bucky wanted him to superimpose them, in his mind—to see where the dingy corridors of yesteryear lay within the shiny restorations of today. Like so much of the city, Grand Central was composed of layers upon layers, not just in space but in time: tunnels and service corridors and boarded-up delivery entrances to stores long gone: all the barbershops, haberdasheries, and soda fountains replaced by fancy boutiques and the Apple Store.

He thought he had it, though.  When he closed his eyes, he could see the whole station laid out in front of him.

x. hidden in the snow- trent reznor &  atticus ross

Steve wasn’t trying to bring the Winter Soldier in. Steve was trying to get out. He wasn’t looking to pull Barnes out of his hole; he was looking for the hole Barnes was in so that he could jump in and disappear with him.

Peggy Carter had told her this, she realized a moment later—and damn it all, she should have listened to Peggy, because Peggy really knew them, both of them. He’s going to rescue Steve, she’d said, and Natasha pictured the tense, unhappy face framed on Peggy’s nightstand; pictured Steve’s empty apartment, his strange half-life of a life.  Even when I had nothing, I had Bucky—and here he was: James Barnes, back from the dead and coming to save him.Except they weren’t going to make it. She knew, better than anyone, how many agents were on Steve.

xi.  i would for you- nine inch nails

Steve looked down at the paper cup. It was from Whole Bean, and it said STEVE in black marker on one side, and on the other, written smaller: We shouldn’t do this. This is a mistake.

"I’ll kill him," Steve said, without thinking. "I am going to—" and then he was crouching down again and pleading, "Where is he? The guy who gave this to you." The man just stared at him. "I need to see him," Steve insisted. "Please. He’s my best friend, and he was my sergeant, and he’s making a very big mistake," and the veteran frowned for a moment, maybe weighing Steve’s pleas against whatever information Bucky had given him.

"Track 125," the man said; his eyes were clear and serious.  "The service hall."

xii. crazy in love- sofia karlberg

—but there was Bucky, staring at him with his mouth open and a surprised look on his face, and Steve grabbed him by the arm and dragged him down the hall and through a rusted metal door that looked like it had been peeled back with a giant can opener.  An electrical way-station, with transformers humming and a vaguely metallic taste in the air, and Steve wheeled on him and pointed at him and said: “You do not get to make this decision! Do you hear me? I’m not letting you do this again: you can’t make decisions for both of us. You don’t have the right, Buck.”

xiii. all that I want- dawn golden

Tony was looking at him with a funny expression. “But you don’t feel the effect.”

"No, but I still like the taste." Steve took another sip and shuddered, his eyes closing. "It tastes like a memory."

"A good memory?" Tony murmured.  Steve didn’t answer.

xiv. boris-  lo-fang

"They’ve been watching you for ages," she told Steve. "I only got involved because I thought he might actually fucking killyou.” She lifted her chin and dared him to give her an argument. “Which was not an unreasonable conclusion, Rogers.”

Steve didn’t argue; he’d let anger slip off his shoulders like a robe. “It’s not.” He collapsed down onto the sofa beside her, toed his shoes off, and stretched his legs; God, he looked tired. “I know it’s not,” he agreed, twisting to look at her, “but—Natasha, he wouldn’t. He couldn’t. Even after everything they did to him, he wouldn’t have been able to—”

She tightened her jaw. “You’re a terrible judge of character, Rogers.”

"No," he said, and looked at her. "I’m not," and she turned away fast.

Her eyes found the shield; he’d hung it up on the wall like a decoration. “You’re really going,” she said softly; it wasn’t a question.

xv. elastic heart-sia

He’d darted into Whole Bean’s employee–only area and out the back door before anyone could question him, emerging on the loading dock for Tracks 105-106. And then he was running for his life, taking the metal steps at the end of the platform four at a time and then racing down a series of corridors, because there were eight stories and five doors between him and Bucky Barnes and the whole rest of his life.

xvi. hold you in my arms- ray lamontagne

"Where are we?" Steve asked.

"Pennsylvania," Bucky answered. "We’re not staying, but we needed to stop. It’s safe here—isolated, no cameras," and Steve felt relief and a kind of exhaustion rolling over him: he and Bucky were finally alone, with no mission, no one to report to, nobody trying to kill them—and he let his shoulders drop and tilted forward until his forehead thunked down on Bucky’s shoulder, and Bucky cupped the back of his neck. He thought he could sleep for a year.

"Go on," Steve mumbled, breathing in Bucky’s familiar smell: 1943, Brooklyn, home. "Keep talking."

Bucky’s whole arm came around him and then they were squeezing each other, tight tight.

xvii. meltdown- lorde, pusha t, q-tip, stromae, haim

epilogue// credit scenes