LDR Bucketlist

• Have real dates, and not Skype dates
• Give each other real hugs and kisses, not cyber hugs/kisses
• Wake up to each other EVERYDAY
• Save for tickets to travel together and not tickets to see each other
• Not worry about leaving
• Spend anniversaries and holidays together
• Close the distance


Happy birthday May babies! Lucky you, your birthstone is Emerald. What better way to celebrate than with a giant Emerald Cut Emerald from David Morris?! Emeralds of this size are becoming harder and harder to find, so this piece is as rare as it is exquisite! Happy birthday 💚 (Video: @thejewelcollective @davidmorrisjeweller ) #thejewelcollective #davidmorrisjeweller #emerald #emeraldcut #cocktailring #dressring #luxe #luxelife #luxury #luxurylife #highjewelry #highjewellery #hautejoallerie #bondstreet #dreamcometrue #bucketlist #itaintbigunlessitleans #maybaby #birthstone #luckyyou


For Your Bucket List - Explore the Sand Dunes of Idaho!

Located far from any ocean, the St. Anthony Sand Dunes appears as a rolling sea of sand on the eastern edge of Idaho’s volcanic Snake River Plain. These vast dunes are the largest in Idaho. They blanket an area approximately 35 miles long and 5 wide, and range from 50 to 500 feet high. 

These white quartz sand dunes are a unique and popular recreational area for off-highway vehicle enthusiasts, hikers and equestrians. The best time to visit is spring through fall; summer temperatures cause sands to reach over 100 degrees. The area features Deadhorse Bowl, a popular OHV sand bowl one-mile in circumference and 400 feet deep, located in the western section of the dune complex.

Photos by Bob Wick, BLM

The type of relationship I want is a friendship. Someone that can go on wild adventures with me, deal with all the random things I do at random times, long car drives, days and nights filled with netflix, and trying weird food. Someone that won’t judge me for how much I eat or my weird cravings. I want someone to keep me steady, while I keep them afloat. Now if only it was that easy.


April #conservationlands15 “Top 15”: Places to View Wildflowers on Conservation Lands

1. Short Canyon Area of Critical Environmental Concern in Owens Peak Wilderness, California. Within the span of less than an hour, you can experience three distinct ecotones - the Mojave Desert, Great Basin and Sierra Nevada - with bright yellow coreopsis, orange California poppies, white buckwheats, purple gilias and vivid blue phacelias.

2. Bodie Mountain Wilderness Study Area in the Bodie Hills, California. The Bodie Hills WSA is a great place to visit after the lower elevation spring wildflower annuals have faded. Look for the rocky soiled low sagebrush sites to see delightful displays of phlox, buckwheat, paintbrush, hawksbeard, lupine and a variety of other wildflowers.

3. Red Mountain Area, South Fork Eel River Wilderness, California. The Beargrass here is a white flowering lily and a culturally important native plant whose leaves are used in Native American basketry.

4. McInnis Canyons National Conservation Area – Rabbit Valley, Colorado. Rabbit Valley supports a mosaic of xeric grasslands, salt desert shrublands, and sparse pinyon-juniper woodlands.

5. Dominguez-Escalante National Conservation Area, ColoradoWildflower viewing is diverse within the desert shrub/saltbush vegetative community and the pinyon-juniper woodlands.

6. Birch Creek along the Nez Perce National Historic Trail, Idaho. The route traverses a variety of terrain including sagebrush desert, flower-filled alpine meadows, dense cedar forests, six major river canyons and numerous crystal clear mountain lakes.

7. King Hill Wilderness Study Area, Idaho. The King Hill Creek WSA contains numerous unique, rugged geologic features that provide habitat for a range of wildflowers in the spring and early summer, and include sagebrush steppe favorites.

8. Craters of the Moon National Monument, Idaho. Craters of the Moon offers an incredible range of wildflowers, from early exhibitionists such as bluebells and phlox to the later showcases of several different species of lupines and Indian paintbrush.

9. Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, Nevada. In a good year the scenic loop drive features post fire wildflower displays of apricot colored globe mallow, purple colored sand verbena and yellow desert dandelion. The NCA is a last refuge for the rare yellow two-two toned penstemon.

10. Sand Springs Station on the Pony Express National Historic Trail, Nevada. One of the many reasons to visit the Sand Springs Station is to see the spectacular wildflower display in April and May.  Some of the flowers that can be found include:  desert dandelion, sand verbena, Kennedy’s milk vetch, and dune sunflower.

11. Las Uvas Mountains Wilderness Study Area, New Mexico. A new rare plant that occurs in the Sierra de las Uvas, Wind Mountain rockcress, was recently discovered and will be formally named this year! 

12. Mount Riley Wilderness Study Area, New Mexico. Wildflower displays are usually best in the monsoon season, during August and September. Limestone slopes in the adjacent East Potrillo Mountains are home to a wide variety of cacti, including the rare Lloyd’s hedgehog.

13. Organ Mountains Wilderness Study Area, New Mexico. The bajadas of the Organ Mountains are dominated by creosotebush, mariola and longleaf jointfir shrublands and can have excellent wildflower displays. The steeper areas rarely have carpets of flowers, but are extremely diverse.

14. Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument, Oregon.  An avid wildflower watcher may be able to glimpse the scarlet bells of the federally protected Gentner’s fritillary in among the belts of the Brewer’s white oak.

15. Steens Mountain Cooperative Management & Protection Area, Oregon. This sub-alpine area is home to hundreds of wildflower species, including the Steens Mountain paintbrush, which exists in no other place in the world.

Many thanks to BLMer Olivia Kwong and state botanists for the flower and plant information!

Join us for the May #conservationlands15 social media takeover for the top 15 trails on BLM’s National Conservation Lands.

Las 30 maneras de empezar a ser mas feliz

1.- Piensa a tu manera, pero sin pasar a llevar a nadie.

2.- Come cosas deliciosas cada vez que quieras, pero no te olvides igual de comer sano

3.- Sonríe a las pequeñas cosas que nos da la vida, al calor que te llega cuando tienes frió, el comer cuando tenias hambre, el olor a café en las mañanas, etc…

4.- No te olvides de hacer las cosas que amas de vez en cuando, todos lo necesitamos a veces.

5.- Abre tu mente, nadie sobrevive encerrado a 4 paredes.

6.- Juega, bromea, y ríe, con tus amigos, con tu perro, con tu familia con quien sea.

7.- Esta siempre listo o lista par aprender, el día a día nos enseña siempre cosas

8.- Perdona, porque alguna vez también buscaras el perdón.

9.-Toma tu tiempo para conocer a la gente que te rodea, y notas sus pequeños detalles.

10.- Si estas con la persona que amas, abrázala, bésala, únanse en un beso profundo y olvídense de la gente alrededor.

11.- Pon tu canción favorita al mayor volumen posible, canta y baila como si fueras el o la única del mundo.

12.- Abraza , el contacto físico te vuelve alguien mas tibio de corazón

13.-  Sal afuera aunque sean 15 min. , el sol es un antidepresivo natural.

15.-Si esta nublado, y no tienes que salir, envuélvete en una manta y hazte un café y disfruta el frió.

16.- El amor no da miedo.

17.- Tienes que saber que eres grandioso o grandiosa, pero siempre hay cosas que mejorar.

18.- Guarda dinero para viajar, viajar te hace aprender mucho.

19.- ¡Por favor no uses el celular cuando hables con alguien!, la otra persona se sentirá dejada aparte.

20.- Ama lo que tienes, y no desees mas de lo que mereces.

22.-  ¡I-M-A-G-I-N-A-C-I-Ó-N! 

23.- Todo siempre tiene un lado positivo, solo hay que aprender a buscarlo.

25.- Haz actividad física de vez en cuando.

26.- se comprensiva o comprensivo, hay que ponerse en los zapatos de los otros.

27.- Déjate conocer, haz amigos, introvertido o extrovertido, da igual, hay mas gente como tu.

28.- Da miedo, inténtalo, tu puedes.

29.- ¡Deja de juzgar!

30.- Piensa con el corazón y con la cabeza. 



April #conservationlands15 #bucketlist: Bodie Hills, California, for Wildflowers, Wildlife and a One-of-a-Kind Ghost Town!

We’re ending our April #conservationlands15 Social Media Takeover with the amazing Bodie Hills - always on our bucket list. California’s Eastern Sierra region is a dramatic transition zone between the snow-capped granite spires of the Sierra Nevada and the endless sagebrush covered uplands of the Great Basin. A visit at the right time of year will reward visitors with a diversity of wildflowers.   

One great wildflower viewing area is just north of Mono Lake and east of Yosemite in the rolling Bodie Hills – hills being an understatement since they top out at over 10,000 feet!  Because of their high elevation, wildflower blooms are later here than much of California – typically arriving in May-June on the lower slopes and into July on the highest peaks. Several back roads traverse the area and offer access to view the displays of phlox, penstemmon, and paintbrush to name a few of the many wildflower species. More than 100,000 acres of BLM lands cover most of the Bodie Hills and include several wilderness study areas.

This year’s bloom promises to be early and short due to the dry winter across much of California.  However, even if you miss the peak bloom, there is no shortage of things to see in the area. Bodie State Park is the site of the best-preserved ghost town in California, and arguably in the U. S. Wildlife viewers can see antelope, mule deer, and if lucky, get a glimpse of a sage grouse. If you visit later, around early October, crisp clear nights will turn the scattered aspen stands to gold, giving a second opportunity to see the Bodie Hills in color.

Photos and description by Bob Wick, BLM

Note: The #conservationlands15 Social Media Takeover is a 2015 monthly celebration of the 15th anniversary of the BLM’s National Conservation Lands.